Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday 03/28/09

Today has been a lazy Saturday. I have done absolutely nothing today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting.

2 wheat waffles + honey
4 turkey sausage links
2 egg omlet fried in veggie oil - no cheese


Sandwich - 2 rye + 2 turkey + cream cheese
salad + dressing

cajun trail mix

turkey meat loaf
black-eye peas
salad + dressing
1/2 yogurt + cottage cheese + fruit

2 liters


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  1. Are you a fan of yogurt, or do you eat it for health reasons?? Just wondering. The consumption of mushrooms REALLY helps with water retention and sodium regulation. I saw that you enjoyed them yesterday and wanted to encourage you in that area. I like to sub 1/2 my ground turkey or chicken with chopped mushrooms when making spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, or stuffed peppers. Just amazing!

  2. I like yoplait (I think that's how it's spelled) yogurt. Do you not like yogurt?

    I'll try the mushrooms as a substitute. That sounds good.

  3. I do like yogurt... I just really find the different ways that people eat interesting. Success seems to be about finding what works for YOU personally... I find that the more you depend on someone else's calculations, the more you struggle with your own. I love to lurk on food logs because I can get ideas to try for myself... obviously some don't work, but some do and I get a great new idea!

    I stopped eating yoplait... because their "light" brand was a little too heavy on the fake sugar taste for me. I eat Cascade, non fat, which is about 100 calories for the container... it has less sugar than regular yogurt because it is sweetened with fruit juice... but doesn't have fake sugar added. It is a compromise...

    I am working on increasing my potassium to help with my salt sensitivity, and have found the glory of the mushroom! One cup cooked has about 550 mg of potassium... which is even more than a banana!

    Anyway. I hope your day is going well!