Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday 03/01/09

Sunday 03/01/09

2 egg omelet with BBQ pork (small portion) + 1 slice of cheese
1 piece of rye toast (no butter)

1 small dixie cup (3oz) of snack mix

1 sandwich - BBQ pork and 2 slices of rye bread toasted (no butter)
lettuce + blue cheese dressing


fish fillet baked
salad + dressing
squash/black eye peas mix


Today I had a ton of energy. I felt really, really good. I HAVE TO EXERCISE THIS WEEK. I just received a comment from Jared Maynard about how he is almost to the milestone of fitting in a standard office chair. I will use this as motivation this week to exercise. When my crappy chair is hurting my rear, I will think about exercising so I won't have to buy the livingxl $300 office chair. Thank you Jared.

Last week I exercised 1/7 days. My goal next week is 6/7 days. My plan is to walk 10 min a day (aerobics is a suitable sub because of bad weather) AND walk 1 flight of stairs a day. I WILL DO IT!

I just thought of a new milestone to add to my list: Be able to have health insurance coverage. Right now my only health insurance is my Visa or Discover Card.

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  1. I can't get health insurance, either, and I sell it. Another goal of mine is to have life insurance for my fiance and her son. The more goals you have, the more you will work to achieve them.

  2. Hey! I struggle with fitting into things... The latest issue was when I started back to school in January and had to go to Student Disabilities and tell someone..."Hi I am fat and need a special seating arrangement in the classrooms that have the single unit chair/desk combo..." One of my goals is to fit into those (comfortably) by 2010... it is not always about poundage... numbers on the scale are not always as important as FITTING IN (literally)...not having to smash into a plane seat.... I have avoided traveling for three years because of this... not only does it hurt to fit in a plane seat but the other passengers are bothered...

    Anyway... I wanted to ask if you have considered including a large portion of green veggies in your meals...?? It has helped me get through some of the feelings of not being full. You can eat a lot of veggies with little calories. Just a thought. I almost lost my mind at first when I was dealing with the lack of volume in my stomach... once I realized that I could eat a lot more by substituting some of my daily calories with green veggies (I lean towards broccoli brussel sprouts, green beans and spinach) I had less issues. Just a thought... I have not read through everything yet so I don't know if you have touched on the veggie subject yet.

    I can't wait to follow along with your journey! Feel free to email me anytime if you need some support...!!!

  3. Thanks Jared and Losing Waist! I was attending classes at a local community college and had to request special seating every semester. Although embarrassing, I was thankful that I wasn't teased like in High School. Fortunatly, I went to a small christian school for high school. If I had to go to a local public high school, I probably would have to drop out because of assholes that poke fun.

    About the green veggies, I will keep your advice in mind when I start feeling hungry after eating. This is my first week, so I am doing good. I always do good the first few weeks. It staying at this for a long time that is my problem.

    Thanks again.

  4. I know you are just trying to weigh once a month, but I can't tell you how awesome it was for me to weigh in after that first week and see positive results right away. It really fueled my fire to keep doing it.

  5. I want to weigh, but I am going to be diligent and wait because I have a history of weighing weekly and being discouraged, eventually giving up. I have got to exercise, but I hate it so much. I miss swimming. I'll post about swimming later. Thank You!