Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 06/22/09

I couldn't make it to the pool today because of work. I know I said that I would schedule calls around my exercise, but I can't leave a site half way through a service call to swim. So, instead of swimming, I walked at home for 15 min. I also was able to walk a lap at work. (When I say lap I mean walk around the mall where my office is located. There is a nice hill to go up during the walk. It makes for a nice little workout.)

I was happy with today's food. I was also happy that I didn't drink any diet sodas, nor eat any chinese food.


plain oatmeal + 2 scoops protein powder + almonds

handful of almonds

tuna wrap (ww tortilla + tuna salad)
fruit + cottage cheese

tuna wrap

meat loaf
cauliflower + ranch
brown rice + succotash
1/2 protein bar after walking at home

1/2 gallon + 2 cups

Other Fluids:
coffee and splenda

walk 1 lap at work (1/4 mile)
walk for 15 min at home

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  1. Y'know, it's not against the law to exercise after work. ;)

  2. It sounds like you are learning how to manage this diet and exercise thing with your daily life. I think that it so important. Your day sounds great. You are just doing an awesome job!

  3. Nice job on the salvaging of a workout. Some is better than none, right?

    I've had work circumstances get in the way many times, sometimes it just can't be helped.

    Great job resisting the chinese food, that stuff can be loaded!!!


  4. The food does sound good, and you can make up for the missed exercise session!

  5. One is good, both is better...Keep up the excellent work. Lots of people rooting for you!

  6. Any kind of exercise is better than none, so walking wherever you are is smart. If I'm out running errands, I do the old trick of parking far away, or walking from store to store instead of driving. Every little bit helps, so walking at the mall is a great solution.

    The husband ate at a place called Newk's there in B'ham yesterday, he was visiting as they are his customer. Ever heard of it?