Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday 06/20/09

Today was not the best of days, not the worst of days. I ate entirely too much for lunch. My weekends are slowly creeping up on my, but take a look at my new plan. I have decided tonight that next year's Nascar race is more important than eating this crap. I am allocating the time in my schedule for exercise, and I will work my clients around it. PERIOD. This means that losing weight is more important to me than my business.

My change in plans is basically increasing the exercise and getting more control over what I eat.

Let's see, other stuff today: I sent Cracker to the vet for a bath and flea dip. He was covered with fleas. Poor little guy. I'll give him a flea treatment in a couple of days because that's the recommended time to wait after a bath.

Oh man, I can't wait to show you guys my Shark and Ray video. Shark and Ray is a project that my friends at Provenance Digital is working on for the McWane Center in Birmingham, AL. They are running a video contest for this project, and at first I was not going to do anything, but after coming up with a fantastic idea, I have to create a video. I should have it ready by Thursday. There is a lot of stunts!!!!!!!!

2 waffles + honey
1/2 omelet (egg + cheese)
1 turkey sausage


bbq pork plate from full moon bbq with baked beans and potato salad
large chicken sandwich from full moon
3 half moon cookies


fruit and cottage cheese
2 yogurts

4 cups

Other fluids:
3 Poms


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  1. I like your new plan! Sometimes you do have to step it up. It's good you have a goal in mind because that will motivate you. All you really need to do is cut way back on the starchy carbs. It's good you are off the sodas. And it's also good that you recognize the Chinese food issue. All that sodium is adding water bloat, so when you get that out of your system, it will be good. Just eat simple meals without starch. You can never eat enough greens, either steamed or sauteed.

  2. Nice plan. Making this journey one of my top priorities regardless of what is thrown my way is one of the reasons I've been so successful. I love your new attitude. When I get tempted by something, I remind myself something that sounds really dramatic, but it's so true "there's not a food worth dying for." Not that eating that one choice that one day would kill me, but if it starts back a pattern of bad choices, it can.

    That NASCAR race is going to be amazing next year!

    I'm happy for you,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. Man, you ARE serious! Way to go, guy!

  4. Maybe someday we can see what you dog looks like.