Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday 07/09/09

The above pic is my friend Andy Evans and myself at the Young Professionals "Summer in the City" event that was held recently in Birmingham. Andy is the person that gave me the idea of creating a blog. Andy: Thank You. Also, Andy introduced my to his buddy Kevin Barberio. Kevin really helped me get started on this thing and now I have merged his ideas with other folks and my own ideas. Kevin: Thank You.

I am learning that once you get through the first three weeks of a "lifestyle change", things get easier. I am really starting to enjoy exercise, and food is (right now) not an issue.

Grasping Objectivity

This Friday I will be attending a "Meet-Up" with Alabama Bloggers, a group of bloggers from (of course) Alabama. I am really excited. I will post pics on Friday, and I will also probably tweet during the meeting because I saw some pics from the last meeting, and apparently that's the thing you're supposed to do. I use twitter but I believe these folks are on another level. I will learn a lot on Friday.

oatmeal + blueberries + splenda
milk + protein powder
2 turkey sausage
2 eggs boiled w/o yolks

protein bar

beef pattie wrap
yogurt + cottage cheese

beef pattie wrap

salad + dressing topped with 1/2 rotisserie chicken (no skin)

1/2 gallon

Other Fluids:

swim 20 laps

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  1. Just wanted to say that everytime I come to your blog and read I'm taken over by a sense of how proud I am of you!! Congrats on losing that 6# you gained back plus some!!

  2. eck - I'm jealous. Minnesota doesn't have a blogger meet up. OR...I'm not invited. Either way, I'm sad. Can't wait to see pictures!

    (p.s. yes, I'm a new blog stalker, came over from Tony, the anti-jared. I'm the one he dares to challenge...)

  3. Great progress and happy to see you are up to 20 laps in the pool. Even though the walking is good too, swimming is easier on the body and still a great relaxing workout, so it's excellent for light days when you want to keep your body in motion, and keep up the momentum of moving every day.

  4. have fun at your Alabama bloggers gathering; that sounds fun!


  5. youre doing so great, its awesome! keep it up!

  6. nice pic! i can't wait to see pics from the bloggers meet up!

  7. Hey Stephen wanted to say it was great meeting you today!!