Thursday, August 6, 2009

Golf Anyone?

I haven't been exercising this week because my mom was injured this weekend from a spill she took at the house (she fell). She's bruised but okay. We're gonna walk in the morning. I know, I know, I should still walk at work.

Also, food choices have been good this week, but I haven't entered my food in the food diary. Next week I'm gonna plan my meals ahead by entering them in, and then at the end of the day I'll modify the diary. That'll make things easier.

Well, tomorrow I'm venturing into a new hobby: Golf. I take my first lesson at 10am tomorrow. Hopefully I don't completely suck at it because I'm gonna possibly attempt to play this weekend with friends. No matter how terrible I am, hopefully I enjoy it because this might just be the thing I've been looking to do on the weekends. Golf has beautiful scenery and a lot of walking.

If we play this weekend, maybe we can do a little videoing with iphones.

About the golf lesson, there's a driving range a few blocks from my house, and they provide lessons for $35 an hour. So, I figure I'd give it a shot. I'm just gonna borrow my friends' clubs until I figure out what I'm doing.

Also, tomorrow I will be going to my second Alabama Bloggers Meet-Up. I had a good time last month. I'll post pics.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope she gets well soon. Good luck with your golf lessons, sounds like fun. I totally suck at golf, but I still enjoy it.

    If you are interested my latest blog post has progress pics:)

  2. Golf is great fun - it is a big thing where I live and we have loads of wonderful courses. Don't worry if you find it hard at first, after a couple of lessons you will be getting those hole-in-ones no problem!

    Hope your mum is OK now.

  3. well, i dont have much to day about golf, but most of my friends love it. my sister got a golf scholarship to college and tried to teach me, but i kept hitting my ankles with the club. apparently the big secret is "following through." i think if you follow through, it will be fine, lol. i dont know what that means to this day though. please vlog it or take pics!

  4. sorry to hear about your mom, hope she's better now!
    I remember when i first played golf i thought there's nothing to it :) Yeah right!!

  5. Stephen! Not walking or writing down what you ate!!! Shame.... J/K you'll do better next week. Good luck with the golf lesson!

  6. My boss is an avid golfer, and really likes the walking. I think it's a good idea to use golf as a mild for of exercise because you do get breaks between the walking.

    Good luck at your lessons!

    Project Hot Mommy