Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am tired today and I can't focus. I believe it's because I'm taking my blood pressure medicine at night, and woke up twice to pee. I have been feeling strange today: unusually cold and unable to focus. So, I went to the doctor's office to have my BP (Blood Pressure) checked again. It had gone down a little (155/95). Yesterday it was 135/100.

I have a meeting at 2:00pm today at the Vest Chamber for team Bagwell. After that, I am going home. I just can't focus on anything. It's very wierd. I did walk earlier at around 9am, hoping that would make me more alert and wake me up. Well, it didn't work.

I am going to skip the BP meds tonight, and start taking them in the mornings.

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  1. Reduction in blood pressure is one of the great benefits of weight loss. I used to take medication for high bp, too. Now my bp is a little low :)