Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Poor Little Cracker Doodle

Yesterday, my little white Chihuahua named Cracker was attacked by the neighbor's big black Chow. Mom took Cracker outside on his leash and secured his leash on the fence post so he could get some sun. While Cracker was enjoying the sun and poking his nose through the fence, the Chow broke through the fence and attacked cracker from behind. Cracker didn't see him coming, couldn't defend himself, and howled and yelped in pain. My mom couldn't break up the attack, so she chased the Chow with the lawn mower. (No she didn't mow his a## over.)

She brought Cracker in the house and asked me to make sure he's alright. There was no blood, but when I touched under his back leg he yelped. I took cracker to the vet, and they checked him out. It was so sad because when the doctor checked under his rear legs, Cracker howled and cried in pain. He was in so much pain that he pooped on himself. I was horrified. Fortunately, there is only some major bruises. It could have been a whole lot worse. The Doc gave Cracker a tranquilizer and some antibiotics.

After the Vet visit, Cracker was out of it from the tranquilizer. Today he is moving around very slowly, but he's eating and wags his tail often. I think Cracker will be okay, and he goes back to the Vet on Wednesday for a follow up.

Needless to say, we will not be taking Cracker in the back yard again.

Also, sorry this post wasn't diet related.

Here's a pic of Cracker's injury:

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  1. Oh! I got a little teary over that! That is so unfair! I would kick that chow around after that. The picture looks like it is painful.

    I think posting about our animals is important. They are our companions and offer us comfort through everything. They also give unconditional love and that is pretty important in the weight loss process. I know that I need all of the love and love and love I can get. I post about my dogs frequently. Just about two weeks ago LuLu tore and cracked her toenail and had to get the whole thing removed! I was pretty stressed because it was painful and she doesn't deserve pain (even though she IS A PAIN).

    Glad you posted about this. I am sending bad vibes to the chow right now.

  2. Thank You - Cracker is feeling better today. He's moving around slow, but he's fine.

    Cracker sends you kisses.

  3. As someone who treats there dog like a child, I can relate to the anxiety.