Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday 03/14/09

2 wheat waffles + butter + honey


sandwich - 2 slices rye bread + 2 slices cheese + 1 slice turkey + mayo + hot sauce
cottage cheese + fruit

trail mix

meatloaf (ground turkey)
salad + dressing
pork & beans

not enough

15 min walk

I didn't drink enough water today. I've noticed that when I'm hungry, I usually haven't had enough water.

If you haven't noticed, I bought a little point and shoot camera to take pics for my blogs, twitter, and facebook.

Yes, I had to work today, and yes, it sucked. Money's good, but working on Saturday is not fun. I need to stop my bitching.

Took Cracker to work and I'm proud of him because he behaved well. There were no accidents in the store. Also, he walked with Dennis and myself. He was funny at lunchtime because he voluntarily stayed in his crate (I left the door open), but as soon as he heard me preparing my lunch this is what I saw:

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  1. OH MY!! That dog is so fantastic! What a cute litte friend you have!

    What is with the hot sauce? I don't know how much you know about Stages of Change... he has a hot sauce thing...

  2. Cracker says thank you Losing Waist! and SeaShore - About the hot sauce, I eat a lot of it at lunch because hot sauce raises body temperature, and our bodies burn calories while bringing body temp back to normal. Also, it tastes really good on a sandwich.