Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday 03/03/09

Tuesday 03/03/09

oatmeal (1 reg + 1 apple cinnamon)
2 boiled eggs w/o yolks

1 small dixie cup (3oz) of snack mix

1 sandwich - 1 slices of turkey, 1 slice cheese, low fat mayo, and 2 slices rye bread
fat free cottage cheese + fruit
1 small dixie cup (3oz) of snack mix

turkey patty with mushrooms
salad + dressing
white beans + corn mix

Walked 3 flights of stairs

Today was f'ing nuts at work and I couldn't eat luch until 3:00pm. So I was feeling very tired at lunch time. Also, I had some Acid Reflux problem this afternoon. It was so bad at some moments, I thought I might be having a heart attack. Antacids elimated the problem. Didn't do a ten minute walk but I did walk 3 flights of stairs.

I know that my first weigh in is going to be awesome. I can already tell that I've lost a decent amount of weight, but the major weight loss is due to my blood pressure medicine (I just started taking it) and the fact that you always lose the most weight the first month of a program. It's all "water weight". I have got to exercise because that's is how I am going to lose weight after the first month. Basically, the more I walk, the more weight I will lose.

Another quick note, I had an enormous amount of energy this morning. I mean I could walk very fast and it wouldn't really bother me. I've noticed sometimes in the morning at work that I will jog to the coffee machine, which is very unusual for me. I like it.

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