Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday 04/10/09

Today was better than yesterday. I have a prospective buyer for my camera and I had an incredible swim. I swam 12 laps, but the coolest part is that I could swim 3 and 4 consecutive laps.

The pool is 25 yards or 75 feet long. So, one complete lap is 50 yards or 150 feet. Thus it would take 35 laps to swim one mile.

When I swam at the Y last year, I could only do half a lap at a time, but after a few days, I could swim an entire lap. Then 2. But at this new pool I have started strong. I hope to be swimming a mile every workout in two months. I am thinking about water aerobics, but I've never been. Have you ever been to water aerobics? Put what you thought about it in the comments section.

My arms and legs feel tight, which feels good. I didn't overdo it.

Have a good weekend.

2 wheat waffles + honey
2 turkey bacon
2 boiled eggs no yolks

trail mix

sandwich: 2 rye, 2 turkey, 1 cheese, and hot sauce
cottage cheese
cinnamon apple sauce

trail mix

1/2 sweet & sour chicken
1/2 egg drop soup
1 egg roll
3 little pieces of hershey bar

2 liter

12 laps swimming

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