Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 04/11/09

I've been lazy today and my legs have been sore from swimming, but my energy is up. My metabolism must be kicking in from the swimming.

I've been working on the website today for my computer business. I am changing my business model. In the future, I am only going to work with small businesses. I am no longer going to do residential work. I will continue to service my existing customers, but I will not add new residential customers. I am doing this because I spend too much of my time on these little jobs for residential folks when I need more time to work on businesses.

We'll see what happens.

I did eat a cinnamon roll with breakfast, but I ate only one. I will have one more tomorrow morning.

omelet: 2 eggs, tomato/onion mix, 2 turkey bacon, 1 cheese
1 cinnamon roll

trail mix

6 little chicken stuffed mexican thingies (I don't remember what they're called)
salad + dressing

trail mix

asparagus with salad dressing
turkey (we baked a fresh turkey today)
cranberry sauce

1 liter


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  1. Way to go on the swimming. Hope you had a good Easter. What great progress you're making. 33 lbs in a month is terrific.