Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday 04/13/09

Been working on my business website this weekend. Here it is:

Hopefully I will make some money this week.

I had a lot of energy this weekend. The pool really seems to help. I will be swimming every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also I do my steps on MWF, and I walk Mon-Fri. The weekends are my lazy time. Which is fine as long as I don't chow down on a lot of crap.

I've actually had pretty good control since I started this plan. I don't crave food. I don't let it control me. For example, the little chicken mexican things that I ate yesterday, my mother and I used to split 2 boxes of those things which was like 24 each. I know, that's insane. But now, I eat six with a meal and I'm satisfied.


2 turkey bacon
cinnamon roll

trail mix
1 tiny slice of coconut cake (I promise it was tiny)

turkey sandwich: 2 rye+tomato+onion+turkey(real turkey, not deli turkey:)
salad + dressing

trail mix

6 tiny chicken mexi wrap thingies (I have got to learn the name of these things)
fruit and cottage cheese

2 cups


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