Saturday, May 30, 2009

Progress Pics

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  1. The pics are fantastic, and yes you CAN see the change!! They look great, and keep up the wonderful work, you are doing a really super job! I love reading your blog Stephen.

    You were looking for good snack ideas- my favorite for when I have a sweet tooth. A little crushed pineapple (I keep it in the fridge) mixed with fat free vanilla yogurt, and a bit of Grapenuts mixed in for crunch. I don't miss cookies or ice cream at all with this snack, and sometimes it even ends up being my meal. Cold, creamy, sweet, crunchy- it's got it all!!

    Good luck and I wish you much continued success!

  2. That shirt is getting a bit baggy on you! You're looking great! Keep up the good work.


    Congratulations on the 4 lb. loss this past week, AND of course the 100 lb milestone! That is such an amazing thing you have done. I CAN REALLY SEE THE DIFFERENCE in your new picture, WOW. You look quite stylin in your new duds. Tom and I are thrilled for this victory. I know you will keep up the great progress you have made, you are in the groove now...

  4. You are AWESOME!! I am so glad I found your link and have subscribed to come back and visit your progress. You are an inspiration to us all Stephen.. keep up the good work!!


  5. This may sound a little silly, but I have a recommendation for you, coming from one obese man to another... I bought a nice pair of dress suspenders for my 'fancy' clothes, and I'll never go back to belts. Plus, they look sophisticated on a big dude!