Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today was good. I actually have plans to have lunch with friends tomorrow. This weekend WILL be better. I won't f*ck it up (Jack Sh*t). I saw all of the wonderful food recommendations in the comments. I like the idea of the seasoning on the popcorn.

I'll probably go to the grocery store on Sunday, and will probably get hummus and pita bread. I'll post more of a list tomorrow. I am beat right now. I'm starting to feel the elliptical from yesterday.


2 boiled eggs minus yolks
2 turkey bacon
2 strawberry waffles with cream cheese and cinnamon apple sauce


small 80z sirloin
squash casserole
baked beans
unsweet tea

trail mix

1/2 portion sweet and sour chicken
1/2 portion fried rice
1 egg roll
1 small bowl of egg drop soup with the chip things

4 cups (need more)

Went to the pool - 1/2 mile swim - 18 laps

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  1. Oh, sweet and sour chicken and fried rice sounds good.

    You WILL do great this weekend--I feel it!

    Great job on the swimming!

  2. Ok, I forgot to leave my Twitter handle. Sorry :) @chefmommy

  3. Think about how proud you're gonna be on Monday when you post that you conquered the weekend. Plus, you won't have to listen to me calling you a f*ck-up. Win-win!

    BTW, I've had a hard-scrabble week my own self, with not-so-great food choices and life interferring with exercise plans. I'm almost sure to pull a lousy number at my weigh-in tomorrow, so feel free to razz me mightily about it. I'm a big boy; I can take it.

    Keep on keeping on.

  4. just found your blog! you're doing great! just snack away on fruits and veggies whenever, my friend. it's all good to avoid a binge.

  5. You're doing fantastic. Your success has the potential to inspire an amazing amount of people. You know what you want, go get it with a firey determination!
    Fantastic job. The weekends were always tough for me in the beginning because the routine changes and Oh no, I had to change my approach too! Just know that you can and will reach a point where the day of the week will not matter. Your determination and consistency will propell you to amazing rewards.

    Keep it up! I'm cheering you on,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  6. You are doing great on the exercise! 18 laps is phenomenal. Swimming is the best! I am impressed.

    I would like to make a suggestion that you try not to eat any rice, potatoes, bread or starches. These are high glycemic choices that will make you hungry because they cause your insulin levels to soar and then crash.

    Here are some easy ways to fill that gap...

    Substitutes: Whole wheat flat tortillas like they use for wraps. (still has some carbs, just not as much). You can put veggies, sprouts & Haas avacados or lean meat inside and make a rollup sandwich.

    Sprouted Wheat Bread (Ezekiel brand, available at Whole Foods and Publix)

    Healthy foods to try that will fill the too heavy carb-load of breads and starches (do not overeat these):

    1/2 yams, 5 Almonds, 1/2 Haas Avocado, 5 Macadamia Nuts, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower Butter (Whole Foods, possibly Publix).

    Also take: Enteric coated Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules 1000-1200mg (2-3 capsules at each meal) Fish oil is great for depression, inflammation and a zillion other things.

    Protein water. (for after workouts or when you feel hungry) There are many brands. I heard K20 was good. Only 50 calories (mostly from protein-good) in the Tropical Blend flavor. Don't overdo it, but it's good after a workout or swim, when your body pumps those calories more readily into the worked muscle fibers. See if this satisfies your hunger, it could be very useful.

    Let me know if you have any questions on my recommendations! Keep up the great work. --Robin

  7. Just found your blog! You are a great inspiration!

  8. Dear Stephen,

    Next week, when you go shopping, can you try to buy more uncanned, unprocessed foods?

    I know that this is not what you are used to, but this should be the direction to go in. The reason is simple. Processed foods lack nutrition. Additionally, they have excess calories, sodium and sugar.

    I know you are doing many things differently and trying new things, and this is good...but eating more "real" foods is going to help you become healthier and leaner.

    --Bananas have too much starch and too much sugar.
    --Hot dogs are all around a terrible food. (salmon burgers)
    --No white bread ever.
    --Waffles have too much starch & sugar (get Ezekiel bread)
    --Real pineapple, not canned.
    --Dump the rice.
    --Instead, buy snap beans, chop & sautee in olive oil
    --Think Fresh!
    Need to get you off the sugar, sodium and starch merrygoround you are now on.

    Watermelon is a better choice for something sweet as a dessert or snack, than bananas.

    Let me ask you...are you hungry every 2 hours or so? I noticed you did not eat any snack after breakfast. Were you really hungry when Lunch came? It's good to check your cravings as this is an good indicator to your insulin levels. You ate a lot of protein for your breakfast, which is good.

    Keep up the good work... you did still lose, so stay positive, plus your exercise is helping you build muscle.