Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I worked out with the personal trainer today, and it was great. I did not look forward to it because of past experiences with trainers. The first thing she asked me was "How long has it been since you lifted weights?" I told her it has been a long time. So she had me do an easy upper body workout to get the weight lifting thing started.

I didn't record the weight that I lifted because I was nervous and wanted to get through the first workout. Everything is 2 sets of 15 reps. Here's what I did:
  • Benchpress
  • Curls
  • Ab Crunches (I was able to sit and do these, no way in he** was I getting on the floor :)
  • Exercise where I held the weighted rope thinge at chest level, with my hands gripping from the top, and pushed the rope down to waist level then back up to shoulder level (Horrible description, I'll find out the name of it before I do it again.)
  • I stepped on the stationary stepper thing. (It was easier than I thought it would be.)
  • The lawn mower start exercise with dumbbells. (Again, don't know the name)
  • And to finish things off, I rode the elliptical for a few minutes. (I really, really enjoyed the elliptical)
  • She made sure that I rested between sets, and also drank water during the workout.
It wasn't an extreme workout by no means. It was basically to let my muscles know, "hey buddy we're not gonna be slacking any more." Hopefully my "guns" will be okay with that. (Think Ron Burgundy)

Anyhow, I am more comfortable with the trainer and facility. Also, there was another lady working out, and she was very encouraging and helpful. I think this is gonna work out. (Pun)

Alright, on to the next subject: today's food.

If you've read some of my older post, you'll see that I basically ate the same stuff today as I have the last three months. I won't change the variety until the weekend when I go to the grocery store. Here's what I've eaten today:

2 boiled eggs minus yolks
2 turkey bacon
2 strawberry waffles with cream cheese and cinnamon apple sauce (i'm out of honey)

trail mix

sandwich (2 rye, cream cheese, 2 turkey, slice o cheese)
cottage cheese with a little cup of Mondrian Oranges and little cup of pineapple
cinnamon apple sauce

protein bar after workout

salmon fillet
3 turkey weenies
turnip greens

4 cups (need more)

And finally, I don't know what happened yesterday, but the floodgates were opened. I received a ton of twitter followers, facebook friends, and blog followers yesterday. However it happened, I want to thank you and everybody that visited, commented, followed, emailed, etc yesterday. It's funny that before I started this blog, I almost gave up on "the public" because of all of the a**holes making fun of me when I was out and about. Like I've said before, a few bad apples (in this case a**holes) ruin the bunch. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made it this far. Yes you!!!! Thank you for your good deed. It does not go unnoticed.

Oh, I almost forgot. Earlier this afternoon I added some progress pics to: To me, the only noticeable difference is in the face and chin.

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  1. The most important thing is consistency, so if this is something you think you can sustain thats the best news I've read of yours so far. Keep on keeping on and remember lifes a garden, dig it. (I counter your ron burgandy with joe dirt ;) )

  2. WTG Stephen! Thanks to you, I started walking again today. Granted, I didn't get very far, only about 1/2 way around the track at Veteran's Park on Valleydale. But, it's that first step and with inspiration like yours, I can hopefully keep with it this time.

  3. BC, that is fabulous. The first few walks are the worst. It gets easier.

    Also, I highly recommend blogging about what your doing. I wouldn't have done as much as I have without the blog. Just watch out for that Jack Sh*t guy, he bites.

  4. Wow, Stephen! You are well on your way. This is my 1st time seeing your blog... I love the quotes! I can also relate to the lack of variety on the menu. I have only been going a week or so and have been eating the same things over and over again. I am no cook and have been eating only what's easy. I think I need to spice it up as well.

  5. The rope exercise you're describing is for the triceps. I usually call it a tricep pushdown.

  6. You sound so much better today. I am so glad. Way to go on your workout. We are just about to head out here for ours. Your daily food looks good, but (just like my husband) you have got to drink your water! ;-) Have you tried vegetable soup? I don't if that would be east for you, but it helps us and its easy to make. I'll put a recipe on my blog later. Also--I make sugar free jello with canned fruit in it (no sugar added fruit). It's only 50 calories for half of it! Keep going Stephen--you can do it!

  7. You are an inspiration! I found you thru Twitter yesterday and looking forward to watching your journey. Keep it up!!

  8. Someone posted about your journey on the Whole Foods blog and I thought I would check you out. Keep up the good work. Continue making the choice.

  9. "the lawn mower start exercise" I LOVE that...I have no idea what it's called either, but your name will now be permanently etched in my brain! lol

    You are doing fantastic! Good job on your workout! Good job with your food.

  10. You are me anyway! Good job on the workout last night! I don't think I will ever enjoy the elliptical machine! :) It works though.

  11. You are me anyway! Good job on the workout yesterday! I don't think I will ever "enjoy" the elliptical! :) It works though! Keep it up!!!!

  12. Keep it up! You're inspiring! I'm on my road to healthy too...we will travel it together!