Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday 05/31/09

This weekend has been great! I feel really good, and I didn't overdo it.

Today was a fun day. My mother and I went to the grocery store and bought our stuff for the week. The list is posted below. Let me know what you think. We went over budget by thirty bucks, but I did buy some non-food items.

I am going to try some of your suggestions: frozen bananas and take Omega 3 fish oil supplements. I wanted to try adding different seasonings to my popcorn, but I forgot to buy the seasonings.

Grocery List:
2 x Whip Topping
2 x 8 pack tortillas
2 x Hummus
1 x chicken livers
1 x large generic salsa
3 x canned mixed beans
2 x canned pineapple (packed in unsweetened pineapple juice)
1 x big ground turkey
1 x box boil-in-bag brown rice
2 x sugar free generic flavored gelatin
1 x bag frozen chicken breast
1 x taco meat seasoning
1 x turkey bacon
1 x pack of eggs
2 x individual packs of cinnamon apple sauce
1 x ranch dressing
1 x hot pepper sauce
1 x hot sauce
1 x rye bread
1 x low fat deli cheese
3 x cucumbers
2 x pack of mandarin oranges
1 x box of variety yogurts
1 big box generic waffles
1 x turkey sausage patties
2 x spreadable cream cheese
1 x box 100 cal microwave popcorn
1 x 2-pack omega 3 fish oil pills
5 x protein bars
3 x fat free cream cheese
2 x pill organizer
1 x 4 pack AAA batteries
1 x small goggles for swimming
1 x travel coffee mug
1 x carton cherry tomatoes
1 x honey
Total: $130.00

I also went over to Bob's place to watch the Nascar race today. Bob and I have been friends for a while now, and we both enjoy Nascar. I must visit with Lola, his perfect little dog. Here's her pic:

My thyroid is starting to flair up again. I have had a lump in my throat now for a few days. Last night I took my thyroid medicine instead of taking it in the morning because I read online that morning coffee can interfere with the body absorbing the thyroid meds. So, if in a couple of weeks I'm having the same problems, I'll go to the doctor to have my thyroid levels checked. This morning when I woke up, I did have more energy, so taking the pills at night might actually help. Although the lump in my throat has returned, I do not feel extremely tired like I did when I first had thyroid problems. If you have thyroid problems similar to mine and have some tips, please let me know. I really hate this thyriod mess.

Finally, starting tomorrow I am going to weigh every Monday morning. This week I don't believe there will be a loss because of last weekend, but hopefully the following Monday I will lose some weight.

last little bit of leftover sesame chicken and rice
1/2 baked chicken breast


1 whole-wheat tortillia with hummus, ground turkey with taco seasoning, low fat sour cream, and salsa
1 pink salad (sugar free gelatin, low fat generic whipped topping, and canned pineapple packed in no sugar added juice)

hot dog with onions, mustard, and ketchup on a piece of white bread

1 whole-wheat tortillia with hummus, ground turkey with taco seasoning, low fat sour cream, and salsa
1 pink salad

1 pink salad

1/2 gallon water

Walked around the grocery store for 1.5 hours

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  1. I'm kitchen-challenged, so I can't look at other people's lists without going bleery-eyed. I'm glad you're taking fish oil. I cut my triglycerides in half with fish oil, and my cholesterol was great--the ratio wasn't, but the overall was well below 200. All due to fish oil.

    That is a great picture with the dog! Lola looks like a sweetheart and I love the big smile on your face!

  2. Your shopping list sounds great. I miss those days--groceries are so much more expensive in NZ. On the thyroid thing--I lost mine in 1999 and I have taken medication since. I take mine in the morning before I even get out of bed. That gives me an hour between then and breakfast. Also--never take any kind of vitamins with your thyroid medicine. It can weaken the medicine. You need to wait at least 4 hours before taking vitamins. Sometimes the brand of the synthroid also makes a difference on how your body responds to it. Different brands work differently on different people. Hope taking it at night works for you--I can't do that, it keeps me awake. Blessings on you! Good job on the shopping and the water!

  3. HI Stephen! You are doing so great!!! I'm so proud of you! Grocery shopping sucks doesn't it??Here we go into another week. Be good, stay strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other! Jinx!