Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday 06/20/09

Sorry this post is a day late, but our air conditioner was broken last night, and I basically passed out in my chair because it was so damn hot. We used fans and opened windows, but it was still miserable. Fortunately, the A/C repair guy fixed it this morning.

My biggest concern about the broken down A/C was the pets. Both my cat and dog were in a 104 degree house. I felt so sorry for the critters. When I opened the front door the cat was stretched out in the living room, and the dog was no where to be seen. After a few calls, he finally came out. I thought for a moment that this rescue was going to become a recovery. The dog was breathing heavily, so I scooped up the critters and put them in the truck with the A/C on full blast. Now, they're both okay.

I tried the new headphones while swimming today, and they are freakin awesome. My music selection sucked. I'd be groovin along, swimming in my rhythm, and then a slow country song would come on. So, I would have to stop and click to the next song.

2 waffles + cream cheese + honey
2 boiled egg w/ no yolk
2 turkey sausage

tuna wrap

tuna wrap (ww tortilla, tuna salad, and cheese)
fruit + cottage cheese


1/2 sweet & sour chicken
1/2 rice
egg roll
egg drop soup
9 wings

1/2 gallon

Other Drinks:
2 Poms 8oz
4 diet sodas

15 laps with music

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  1. I've got to get me the waterproof stuff! That sounds awesome!

  2. you need a swimming playlist!

  3. A broken ac suck but that was "cool" that you put the animals in the truck!

  4. Ooooh, sorry about the air, I know it's been hot lately down here. My hubby will be in Birmingham on business tomorrow (about 1.5 hours from us). It's hot all over the south. For dogs, that's bad. But for cats, they love it. Mine are always seeking out the sunniest part of the house, they love it warm....