Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday 06/18/09

Andy Evans with Provenance Digital educating us at this mornings BNI meeing.
T-DOG Trent McCool at the American Family Care Ribbon Cutting in Vestavia

I'll be back tomorrow. Sorry, I can't keep my eyes open.

Ah, it's morning now and I'm refreshed. Now I will finish this post:

Andy Evans in the top photo is the person that encouraged me to start this blog. We had lunch back in February, and he asked about what I was doing to lose weight. At that time I was in the yo yo cycle. One week, I'd lose weight. The next, I would gain. So Andy told me about his friend Kevin Barbario, a person trainer. Kevin kindly met with me and discussed his simple recommendations on what I should do. So, here I am, going one day at a time. I feel much better now than I did back in Feb, and the greatest thing is the more I lose, the better I feel.

Andy and Kevin gave me the infrastructure for this thing, but it's the blog readers, followers, and commenters that have kept me on track. When I need you guys the most, ya'll are there to encourage and advise, and like I've mentioned before, and I can't say it enough: Thank You.

Trent McCool in the bottom photo is a friend that I met through Business Network International (BNI). When he found my blog, he made a deal with me. If I lose 300 pounds by April 2010, he'll take me to the Talladega race in April 2010. Also, we'll be going in a limo, and of course, we'll be throwing a keg in the trunk. I can't wait, or I should say: I can't weight.

2 waffles + cream cheese + honey
turkey sausage
2 eggs boiled w/o yolks
2 low cal popsicles (yes, it's the last two)

tuna sandwich

tuna sandwich (2 pumpernickel, tuna salad, and cheese)
cottage cheese and fruit

protein bar

chicken breast
mixed greens
tomato + cucumber + ranch

1/2 gallon


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  1. Skipped the evening snack, eh? You're a tired guy. Those classes must be wearing you out - in a good way!

  2. Wow i can definitely see the difference in your food choices lately :) Keep it going, you're doing great!

  3. The racing plans sound fun! You're doing so wonderfully!

    If you haven't already, check out the before and in progress I posted on my Day 276.

    Your in progress piucs will be even more dramatic in not long!

    Very proud of you my blogger friend,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  4. What a fantastic group of guys! Including you dude!! :-)

  5. Vrooomm Vrooomm...Taladega here you come!!!

  6. grea motivation to stay on plan to go to Talledaga next year! also neat that you have people in real life to help keep you motivated too!


  7. Stephen! What an amazing job you are doing. Just a couple of months ago you were well above 600, and with each passing week you are dropping. Consistency. I am so impressed, and I hope you are proud of what you are doing!!

  8. Well that's motivation if I ever heard it! Wow, maybe you can give him my number....