Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday 06/15/09

Roadside attraction in Arizona.
I took the above image in Arizona on my way to Las Vegas in 2004. After coming up with the name for my blog, I edited the power line out and made this my mascot. I've had quite a few compliments about it, so I thought I'd share the original image with you.
Today was another good day. Have a great Tuesday!

oatmeal + protein powder

whole wheat tortilla + egg + cheese + turkey sausage + salsa

whole wheat tortilla + cheese + tuna salad + cucumber


whole wheat tortilla + cheese + tuna salad + cucumber

cottage cheese + mandarin oranges

protein bar

lettuce + tomato + onion + blue cheese

salmon burger + steak sauce

4 cups


skipped swimming today - Will do tomorrow

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  1. I think I've seen that attraction one time when we were driving through Arizona; how cute you made it your blog mascot!

    good job with eating today!!


  2. Did you photo shop the woman into the pic? Just curious. Nice job on the food!

    Keep up this amazing transformation!!

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. Nope. I just removed the powerline.

  4. A daily reminder to eat plenty of protein. ;)

  5. Okay, I'll double my protein intake today. :>)

  6. Hey Stephen! Just wanted to thank you for dropping in and deciding to follow. I am excited for you about your journey and you've already traveled a long way. You encourage me as well! Many blessings my new friend. :)

  7. Hey Stephen,

    You are doing great. I agree with Jack, protein is KING, make sure to get enough.

    Here's something for you to "chew" on:

    The recent independent film, "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days", documents how holistic
    physicians Gabriel Cousens and Helen Ross are helping Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to reverse their disease naturally, without prescription drugs. Ages of the five patients participating in the filmed 2008 study ranged from their early 20s to late 60s. According to a company spokeswoman, they are representative of several dozen cases that have been treated at Cousens’ Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, in Patagonia, Arizona.

    During the study, the subjects ate only organic, vegan, uncooked raw foods for 30 days. Researchers report that by the fourth day, three people with Type 2 and one with Type 1 diabetes were off their insulin completely. By the end of the 30-day retreat, these four had stabilized blood sugar, and the remaining Type 1 patient was down to one-fifth of his usual dosage of insulin. “It’s not just diabetes,” says Cousens. “Everything went back to normal.”
    According to the American Diabetes Association, 23.6 million Americans, or 7.8 percent of the population, are living with diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation estimates the worldwide number at 246 million. Cousens states, “We need to wake up to the possibility that simply changing our diet can significantly reverse, and even cure,
    this disease.”

    Sources: and Also see There is a Cure for Diabetes, by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

    I have tried to tell people with Diabetes this for years and they just won't listen. If you know anyone with the disease, ask them to go see the film and think about doing this. It's no fun to have limbs cut off and go blind, when it's completely reversible!

  8. Hey dude. No advice, just wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss so far. Freaking awesome! Keep it up!

  9. Just my personal opinion - our bodies aren't made for "raw" foods. Some things should be cooked over 140 degrees (rhubarb is poisonous if not cooked properly). We are made to eat protein, and some protein only comes from animal sources. If you are considering the "raw" food diet or even the vegan diet please check with your doctor first.

    Ok, off my soapbox - you are doing incredible!