Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 06/16/09

Dinosaur park in Arizona

The above pic was taken on my road trip in 2004. The same trip that I took the pic of my mascot. By the way, I've got to come up with a name for my green dinosaur. Any suggestions?

Another good day today. I'm really enjoying the tuna salad.

I ordered another set of waterproof headphones today. I ordered a good set this time. The ones that I bought last week are already broken. So, no music today in the pool. Very boring. Ordered a cool little ipod shuffle case/waterproof headphone combo. It's endorsed by Michael Phelps, so you know it has to be good :) Here's what I purchased: http://h2oaudio.com/waterproof_headphones.php (It's at the bottom of the page) I also purchased an IPOD shuffle for the enclosure. I shouldn't spend the money, but swimming is a whole lot more fun with tunes.

Now I have to come up with some playlists for swimming.
2 waffles + cream cheese + honey
2 eggs boiled no yolks

1/2 tuna wrap

tuna wrap (whole wheat tortilla + tuna salad + cheese)
fruit & cottage cheese

1/2 tuna wrap

After workout protein bar

1/2 sesame chicken
1/2 rice
6 wings
egg roll
egg drop soup

1/2 gallon

15 laps in pool - stopped due to leg cramps

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  1. I love your photography... My favorite name for the green dinosaur would probably be "The Dinosaur that ate my blog" or possibly "The Dinosaur that ate Arizona"...LOL Well, I just like funny names. Your day looks good. btw, I never saw anything on your info sheet, but how tall are you?

    How are you feeling? I meant to ask you about how you are feeling differently with the fish oil? You said it made you feel better. I am curious to see what symptoms it is helping with exactly? Also, can you tell me how mwny per day you are taking and milligrams? Thanks... it will help Tom and I to know this, so please reply! --Robin

  2. Hey Robin, it's funny some of my best images have been from $200 point and shoot cameras. I believe it's more important to have a camera with you, than what the camera's capabilities are.

    My height is five feet, eight inches.

    I have been taking six of the fish oil supplements daily. Two after every meal. Each pill is 1000mg each. I've noticed a boost in energy, and I feel more upbeat on the pills. (See my twitter bird on the right, that's how I feel)

  3. Blogosaurus!

    It sounds like that Michael Phelps guy might know something about that business.

  4. You know it's sad... all those dinosaurs that used to line Route 40 near Holbrook are gone. They used to be the best part of the trip. Stewarts now is more known for their ostriches than their dinosaurs. It's all rather depressing.

  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I hate that they've been removed. :(

  6. Rats that the dinosaurs are now extinct.
    But good on the "water music!"

  7. Let's name him Fathead!

    You are doing great Stephen, you are more dedicated than I am, I still have not gotten the nerve to join a gym yet.

  8. I agree, Blogosaurus--or maybe add to it...
    Blogosaurus Bob or something.

    Congrats on you success thus far...you're on your way!

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser