Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday 06/29/09

Robin commented this morning about a pace car for for the Talladega 500. This made me think of my work truck. This truck is a fantastic conversation piece at business networking events. I have a lot of fun with it. It's really funny when people slow down on the interstate because they believe that this is a cop car. Hellooooo, the lightbar is yellow. Also, I have a lot of people ask me for directions. It happened again this morning at St Vincents when I went to workout. A lady flagged me down, and then laughed when she read the side of the truck. I had no clue where she needed to go. Every day is an adventure in this truck. Oh, and yes, the light bar works. Everybody asks me if the lightbar works. :)

Okay, today I did a real workout. First, I started with a 12 minute warm up walk. Then I walked three flights of stairs. Next, I did three sets, twelve reps each of squats with no weights. Then I did three sets, 6 reps each of calf raises. After that, I swam ten laps, and finished it off with stretching. Today, my legs were sore. It wasn't too terrible.

Tomorrow I am not exercising so my legs can rest. Wednesday, I'll tackle arms. I might tackle core on Thursday because the gym will be closed on Friday.

Friday and Saturday I hope to get some walking in. I really want to start walking a mile on Tues, Thur, and Sat.

My friend Kevin Charles called me this afternoon to tell me how glad he was that I am doing this lifestyle change. Thank you Kevin. I hope to see you on Labor Day.

Also, thank you to everyone for your comments. I am overwhelmed with support.

Have a great Tuesday everybody.

Oatmeal with rasberries and protein powder
2 boiled eggs w/o yolks
2 turkey sausage

protein bar

chicken pattie wrap
cantaloupe and watermelon

chicken pattie wrap

salmon burger
salad + dressing
brown rice + beans
cantaloupe and watermelon

1/2 gallon + 2 cups

Other Fluids:

12 minute warm up walk
walk 3 flights of stairs
3 sets of 12 reps - squats (no weight needed)
3 sets of 6 reps - calf raise (no weight needed) I paused for 5 secs at top of lift.
Swim 10 laps

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  1. Haha I would probably think its a cop too. Nice truck! You are doing so good, keep up the great effort!!

  2. That truck must be a people magnet...oh, and does the light bar work? hehe- just kidding on that one :)
    Darn good workout, too.

  3. Your journey and transformation, physically, mentally, and emotionally is a wonderfully inspiring thing to witness and follow. I'm so happy for you Stephen! And I love the truck!!

    Very nice.

    My best always


  4. I read a lot of blogs where guys are trying to lose weight, but they just don't want to make the long-term changes that it takes to be successful. Everytime I read your blog, I get more of a sense that you are doing it the right way.

  5. Wow, nice truck! And another great day with food AND exercise. Doesn't it feel like the universe is conspiring in your favor? Everything is just coming together for you Stephen, and that has everything to do with your attitude and desires. Great job!!

  6. You should put a UPS sticker on it and... go race the truck :)

    Good job, Stephen. I am thoroughly enjoying following along on your journey through your blog.


  7. Wow Stephen, yes that is a cool truck! my goodness.

    I am so impressed your workout. I can tell that your food choices are now having a positive effect on your energy levels! Now, did you do this workout in the morning b4 work?

    Great that you are using the raspberries with your oats for breakfast. Your food choices are really looking healthy and I know you are going to have another great week.

    I admire your goal on the mile walks. Very impressive. You are really going to see some progress with this. If you get tired at first, just slow down and do what you can. Every little improvement counts. It's a lifestyle change and that is little by little until it becomes part of you.

    Great work! --Robin

  8. Stephen, you are on your way to becoming a buff dude. Keep up the workouts and feel free to ask questions!
    More videos to come!

  9. you are doing great! i make sure to have fruit in my oatmeal every morning, too! the possibilities are endless!