Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday 06/30/09

I went to a Birmingham Barons game after work for a Chamber After Hours event. It was really nice. We went up to the banquet hall and they provided food and sodas. I didn't know they were gonna provide food, so I ate a protein bar before going. I planned on just eating some fruit or something small when I got home, but instead I grabbed a hamburger pattie with lettuce, tomato, and mustard.

My legs were really, really stiff and sore today. I hobbled around. I'll be back to normal in a few days.

oatmeal + raspberries + protein powder
2 boiled eggs (no yolks)
2 turkey sausage patties

protein bar

sirloin burger wrap (ww tortilla + 1/2 sirloin burger + salad mix + dressing)
cantaloupe and watermelon

sirloin burger wrap (salsa instead of sm and dressing)

protein bar
hamburger pattie + mustard + lettuce + tomato

1/2 gallon

Other Fluids:

none - rest

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  1. You are really working hard at making these changes - wobbly legs and all!

  2. Nice job! You're in a "steel curtain zone" or for you maybe a "NASCAR Zone!" Just from reading your blogs I can tell the difference. This isn't the same weight loss blog I was reading a month or so ago. Very focused---very determined. Your rewards will be so many, you can't even calculate 'em right now.

    My best

  3. Love the pic of the ballpark, Stephen!
    Personally I think your choice of dinner was better than just the fruit you were planning on.
    I love hamburger patties ... well now I eat turkey burgers but ya know ...
    wobbly legs = knowing you're workin' it

  4. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - DOMS.... Whenever you exercise with maximum intensity, you will feel the FULL effects 48 hours later and that's what you were feeling today.

    But it's a good pain, because: A) you know it will go away, and B) Muscle fiber is forming!

    I am really happy at your AMAZING progress. Today you really did great. I noticed you are intaking most of your calories early in the day, which is excellent. You are doing great. I want you to report haow you are feeling hunger wise. In other words, do you feel less hungry now tha you did when you first started? This is pretty significant, because as your hormone respose goes down from less of a sugar "carb" spike, you should feel less hunger overall and a more steady energy flow throughout your day.

  5. GREAT job on your loss so far!! Can i add your site to mine?

    - Lisa

  6. Hey Lisa, Sure you can add my blog to your site. Thank You.