Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday 06/06/09

Snacks and lunch were screwed up today because (thankfully) I had to work.

Tonight I worked on the grocery list. Before a list was made, I inventoried what's in the cabinet. My goal is to next week finish up the stuff that we currently have, and then change my eating the following week.

I am losing weight and enjoy what I'm currently eating, but I want to follow Tom and Robins food suggestions, which you will see what they are soon. I am still working on the revamped food and exercise section.

My main point is that we have too much food to just throw it away and start fresh. Also, we're not going to have to buy much tomorrow because we already have a lot of food in stock (I worked retail too many years.) So, I'm going to use this opportunity to buy some of the more expensive items tomorrow at Sams. ie. Sirloin Burgers, Protein Powder, Salmon Burgers, and Olive Oil

Anyway, I'll post the purchased items and pricing tomorrow, and I'll also post my food plan for next week, which I have already put together.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Have a good Sunday.

2 waffles + cream cheese + honey
2 eggs
2 turkey bacon


2 mandarin orange
1 yogurt
1 cottage cheese

1/2 chicken breast + tortilla + salsa

chicken breast + tortilla + salsa
1/2 chicken breast

4 cups


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  1. May I ask what Tom and Robins plan is??

  2. We all have to do what we feel comfortable with doing. For me, I've enjoyed anything and everything, I just eat much less than I use to. I count calories, but I don't plan on counting calories the rest of my life. The calorie counting is simply a wonderful tool for me to understand what a portion really is all about.
    I applaud your work!
    I hope you get a chance to read some of my archives and see what I've been eating. I don't stress at all over food. I eat what I like and what I would normally eat, again, just smaller portions.
    If you're interested, just ask, I'll explain my very simple and effective eating plan. If you read the archives of my blog you'll get it along the way.
    It's served me very well in losing 173 pounds so far.

    You're headed toward a fabulous success story! Keep up the great work!

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. I said it earlier,, move more, eat less. It's about the physics. A BIG meal give a slightly bigger metabolic burn,, smaller meals give smaller ones.. The Thermic Effect of Food is around 10%.. It's not magic. I don't offer voodoo,, it's hard enough to teach the real thing..
    Stephen needs some balanced, sensible, nutrition, and lower calories, with much more activity.. Remember each pound of fat is 3500 calories,, so it's easier to eat less, than it is to burn it off. That being said, activity and movement are SO, SO, important. My photo is on Facebook, shirtless,, I'm aged 52. Robin is in a bikini in the videos. We practice what we preach.