Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food & Recipies

Here's some info on Tom & Robin's food recommendations and their recipes. Additionally there are some over videos about food:

Tom Furman On Diet

Food Psychologist Video
Very entertaining video about food psychology. (opens in new window)

Shopping With Robbin

Dropping Starch, Sodium, and Sugar

Oatmeal Part One

Oatmeal Part Two


Wrap Dinner Part One

Wrap Dinner Part Two

Salmon & Veggie Stirfry

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  1. I love these videos! Are they your personal trainers??

  2. I also wanted to say what a great job they are doing on educating all of us :)

  3. Tom and Robin are sending me these videos, and I too think they are doing a fantastic job. Tom is a personal trainer, and his web site is and Robin is a graphic designer.

    Thank you both for the videos and your kind words.