Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday 06/26/09

Today I was a busy body. My day started at 5:15am and didn't end until 12 am. The first event of the day was a business networking event at 6:30am to 9:00am, which was fun and we had a good many people attend. Then I worked all day. On the drive home at the end of the day I realized I didn't have time to cook so I stopped at Guthries for 15 pieces of the most wonderful greasy fried chicken you have ever put in your mouth. JUST KIDDING, I had a grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing. I felt this was a small victory because I love Guthrie's chicken fingers and fries.
Now to the next event: the Young Professionals of Birmingham had a business/social networking event that benefited the Greater Birmingham Humane Society at Workplay, an awesome venue. The entry fee was $25 for all you can consume beer and food. I might have overdone it a little because I didn't eat anything and I drank two whole club sodas with lime. Hold me back. It was a highly unusual event for me because normally I throw down at these things. I like to have a few beers to shake away some of my shyness. It's a little uncomfortable being the big guy in the crowd, especially when I don't know a lot of the people there.
Alright, the final event: I went to the CD release party for Thrine (see above pics), a local Birmingham band. They started playing at 9:45pm at the Oasis. I had a great time because this place was laid back and I knew a lot of the people there. If you like rock music, check out Thrine at
You know one thing I hate about being a big guy at these type of places is that it is tough moving through the crowd of people. I hate bumping into everybody.Again at the Oasis, I had a club soda and lime. Also, I burned a lot of calories at the last 2 events because I had to stand the entire time and it was hot. If you think that I don't burn a lot of calories standing, strap 200 pounds to your back and stand up for three hours. :)

2 waffles with cream cheese NO HONEY
omelet with cheese and Mandarin oranges (weird but good)
turkey bacon

tuna wrap

tuna wrap
cottage cheese and fruit


grilled chicken salad

1/2 gallon

Other Fluids:
coffee and splenda

stand for 3 hours

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  1. Whew... I was climbing up on the top rope...

  2. That omelette does sound oddly enjoyable!

    Good job passing up the fried chicken!

  3. I *like* bumping into people in crowds - it feels good, but you can only get away with it in a crowd. Imagine bumping into people when there's plenty of room. I don't think people would go for it - usually.

  4. Great choices! You surpassed Good, that's great!

  5. Sounds like a totally great day :) You rocked it!!

  6. That day would make anyone proud!! Glad JS didn't have to pounce on ya. :-)

  7. In Germany I had a beer with lemonade. It's good and a little less calories than straight beer... Just a thought :)