Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday 06/10/09

I had another good day today. Good food choices and a killer workout.

I had my first comment today from someone in Birmingham,AL that doesn't know about the blog. (I do suspect that someone at Provenance Digital told him about the blog, but I don't know for sure. Also, I don't mind my friends giving out my blog info. Actually I encourage it.) Either way, it felt great having someone say that they notice that I've lost weight.

Thank You :)

2 toast (wheat bread, cheese, and turkey bacon)
1 banana
2 boiled eggs without yolks


Mamma's Love Salad from Mamma Goldbergs in Homewood, AL
fat free ranch dressing

cinnamon apple sauce
protein bar after swim

turkey meatloaf
mixed greens and black-eye peas
cucumber, tomato, and blue cheese dressing

1/2 gallon

18 laps

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  1. It feels real good to get a comment about all the weight lost, and work done! I noticed you don't eat your egg that just a preference? I hope it's not too personal of a question to ask.

  2. It doesn't get any more perfect than that! You absolutely rocked this Wednesday!
    Congrats, you must feel great tonight!

    That swimming is going to melt the weight off you! I've got to do more of that myself!

    Take care and best wishes always,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  3. 18 laps? Awesome! You're doing great upping the water too. Keep kickin' ass, Stephen :)

  4. THAT'S one heck of a dinner!! Very down south! I love greens and black eyed peas even more!!! I have 18 collard plants out back right now and we did a harvest yesterday. They're in the fridge now, hopefully we'll cook those tomorrow evening so they don't ruin! With a free crop of collards I can experiment with new recipes instead of the usual boil them down then drink the pot liquor with cornbread cuz well, cornbread is out of the picture for a while. Even though their are lighter versions I can make...I'd rather just leave it alone for now.

    Good for you on the swimming. Do you have your own pool are do you brave a public pool? I do NOT have the courage for that...well, I take that back...I would, if I had the courage to swim. I have a fear of drowning even though
    A) fat floats and
    B) I do know how to swim . . . at least I know the technique for it and I did it once in like 8th grade gym/swim class!!! However, the constant teasing and then the bronchitis kept me from doing better. The fear didn't help.. It's all still there...accept the bronchitis.

    Eventually the pool is gonna come calling because I really don't want my son to take his swimming lessons alone and be afraid like I was.

    I'm waiting for Saturday for my weigh in. I've got 2 away-from-home eating occasions this week (tomorrow and Saturday) and if you read my entry for today you'll see my dilemma I'm in right now!


  5. You are doing an amazing job!! 18 laps is great. Keep up the good work, Stephen.

    You inspire me to keep at my weight loss.


  6. Now that was a great day!! Do it again. :-)

    Congrats on the compliment, Stephen.

  7. What Patty said: "Cut. Copy. Paste"

    String good days together, then start stringing good weeks together.

    You've got this.

  8. That's so nice that someone noticed...I bet it feels great. Almost 70 pounds cannot go unoticed for long...and before you even know it, it will be 100...then you will be getting tons of compliments. So proud of you...keep up the great job. You are also inspiring a lot of people!

  9. I want personaly invite your fat ass to my gym and show youn how to lose some of that chickenshit fat

  10. Stephen,

    Don't pay attention to people like coach. I think you are doing great and keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you so much goghgetter.

  12. Obviously people like this have personal issues and the only way to feel better is to make fun of others. You have a lot of fans and dont let us down because of one person.

  13. This "Coach" guy is an idiot... and a creatin...he can't spell and has no grammatical training either...obviously just an ignorant bully. A real "coach" is someone who wants to help and inspire, not make derogatory comments to someone who is so obviously trying to make a difference in their life. Pay no attention to idiots like this.

  14. Nice web page coach. What's your real name? You can train Stephen if Stephen teaches you how to spell,, is that the deal?

  15. Wow. Sometimes I forget that there are ignorant *sses like "Coach" out there.

    Stephen, you and I know that people like Coach do not deserve our attention. I'm a little upset with myself for even taking the time to respond to this uneducated-completely misguided "motivator."

    Loved the comment from Tom-- You have some real good people on your side Stephen, this circle of friends will be by your side all the way, offering positive encouragement always.

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser