Sunday, July 5, 2009


One of my goals on this weight loss journey is to walk a 5k, so here's the info on the upcoming 5k that I will be attending. I hope to have a big team.

A date has been announced for the BE&K 5K: Sat Feb 13, 2010.

The BE&K 5K kicks off the Mercedes marathon in Birmingham, Alabama.

I invite anyone that wants to come to Birmingham, Alabama for a 5k or use the 5k to warm up for the marathon on Sunday, to walk the 5k with the team. (Of course, you can run the 5k if you prefer.) I plan on getting some t-shirts printed for the event. It'll be fun!!!!

Also, there's an after party at the Boutwell Auditorium after the race. I believe everyone that finishes the race gets a cool medal. It will be a fun day.

The teams are formed to raise money for Kid One Transport in Birmingham. Read about Kid One Transport on the CNN website: (link opens in new window)

Also, here's a video:

I'll be adding more info as soon as I know when registration will start and how to contribute to Kid One Transport. Their website indicates that registration will begin at the end of this summer.

I know it's a long time before the 5k, but I have to start training now. I am very confident that by Feb 13, 2010 I'll easily be able to walk 3.1 miles, and according to my calculations, I should be down to aprox. 381 pounds, which will be a 251 pound loss from my starting weight. Also, Feb 13 is 2 months away from the Talladega 500 (See 300 Pound Challenge). I am excited!!!!!!

Websites: (links open in a new window)

Team Members:
  1. Virginia Piper
  2. Trent McCool
  3. Mollie Evans
  4. Andy Evans
  5. Karen McClure
  6. Trey McClure
  7. Sean Kelley
  8. Jack Carney

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  1. I remember when I started, a 5K walk seemed impossible. I couldn't even imagine. Let me tell you something Stephen, that first one you do, you'll be on top of the world! I felt like a champion when I did my first.

    I'm so excited for you because I know where you're headed! And it's a wonderful place my friend.

    my best

  2. Count me in!!! I will totally be there to support you on this one. The cool thing is that if you stay on track for Talladega you will have lost another 150lbs before the 5K which means your current weight would be 386lbs... Which would be a total lose of 246 pounds. I personally think you should shoot for a total minimum lose of 250lbs before the 5K as another goal to be thinking about since it falls so perfectly in line with everything else. Great job brother and keep up the good work.

    Andy and Mollie

  3. I forgot to tell you - I talked to Trey (my husband), and he says he'll be on the team too. But, he's an overachiever, so he's going to run it. :p