Monday, July 20, 2009

Fabulous Monday

Wow, today was a good day. Above is a pic after my mile walk.

I started with a mile walk and some leg exercises. Then, this afternoon I walked an additional 10 minutes.

Also, today was a good food day. The only item to I went over on was sodium, and it was over by 41mg. I drank over a gallon of water, and I also only had 3 cups of coffee.

I will do the other six days just like today. I'm thinking I might have a double-digit weight loss next Monday. It's overdue!

P.S. Jack Sh*t: I accept your offer. Thank you. I don't know what to say.


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  1. Go Stephen!!!!!!
    Man you can really see the difference between the picture you posted today & your "about me" photo.

  2. Great pic. Your progress is showing crystal clear my friend. Feels good huh? What a fantastic day indeed. I'm so thrilled that you're doing well, I mean sincerely thrilled for you.

    My best

  3. GREAT glad your doing good and motivated too! Can't wait to see numbers next week I know it will be great with the changes your making.

  4. 41mg 0f salt is like a 10th of a grain!! You did awesome...!!! You are getting closer, and closer to your 100 pound mark!

  5. lol, i stole jack's format too, haha! it was very clear. i dont think he trademarked it yet. good job on the workout. yeah the coffee takes big deal. great job on the sodium though- thats actually pretty hard to cut down on, so you did great there.

  6. Great picture! You're going to have a good weight loss this week. Way to go!!

  7. Love the pic! you look great!

  8. Way to go Stephen!

    Walk, exercise, more walk? Awesome.

    As far as the pix on my blog go, I wish I could lay claim to them, but no, they are just images I've grabbed off the internet. I like to think I have good taste, but am not disalusioned to think I have the good photog skills necessary to take such shots.

    Thanks for the support. I think this will be a great week for both of us.

    I'm very encouraged and inspired, as Ive said before, by being able to share in the same journey of someone who also started from such a relatively unique starting place and doing such a great job.

    You are the man! Keep on trucking!