Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Gain

Weekly weigh-in: 555
Loss: gained 1 lb.
Total loss: 77 lbs.
Emotion: okay

(Jack Sh*t, I liked the way you formatted your weigh-in post, so I copied it. I hope you don't give a sh*t.)

Gained another pound last week, but it was expected. Next week there should be a good loss because I am following my new plan.

I hope you have a killer week!


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  1. Best of luck Stephen! Your story is very inspiring!

  2. It's good you have a positive attitude towards your new eating plan. I hope it works out great for you. You have lost a lot of weight so far - keep up the good work!

  3. You have done great so far and you will KEEP doing great! 1 pound shmound. It will be gone next week!

  4. I know that with less sodium this week you'll have a nice loss next week :) Sending good vibes your way!!

  5. I don't mind you stealing the weigh-in format, but I'm a little p*ssed off about these gains. It's time for you to dig deep and start pushing yourself a little harder. At your size (and with health and a trip-of-a-lifetime on the line) you shouldn't be satisfied with anything other than fireworks when you step on the scale.

    So here's me upping the ante, Stephen: I don't like the way things are heading for you right now, so I'm challenging you to get back on track. I'm throwing a $100 gift certicate to on top of your buddy's challenge for your trip. That's right, lose the weight and snag that trip to Tallagega and I'll pony up enough to get you a favorite driver shirt and cap.

    But here's the thing, I'm not gonna start sweating about losing $100 until you start doing some heavy sweating of your own.

    I'd suggest you shift it into high gear...

  6. WOW! Jack Sh*t doesn't play around. I say take his $100!

  7. That's a pretty awesome offer from Jack! You can do it Stephen!