Thursday, July 30, 2009


Good news: the palpitations have stopped.

The doc's office called on Wednesday to provide an update on the test results, and my bun/creatine ratio was abnormal. Also, my sodium levels were low. I still have an appointment on Monday morning. They are going to take more blood to test thyroid levels.

I was relieved to hear that my results were okay except for the few issues. They said I didn't have anything to worry about.

I weighed today, and it appears I will gain a couple of pounds for the next weigh in. This heart stuff scared me into toning things down a little on the weight loss side. Aside from the Mexican food on Tuesday, I have been eating fine. Walking was skipped this morning because of the rain, and I won't walk tomorrow morning because of the rain. I plan on getting back on track after we get this heart thing cleared up.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

Have a great Friday.

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  1. Sounds good Stephen. Keep up the slow and steady, which is exercise AND diet. When you go to the restaurant, just focus on lean proteins and tons of veggies. I had a steak the other day with veggies, sweet potato, and lots of H2O. I felt fine and ready to train the next morning. The whole sodium/carbohydrate/bad fat thing is like a bad mixture and please avoid it like the plague. Have a lump of meat and a glass of wine as a cheat!

  2. so glad to hear youre ok! that big drop in sodium must have shocked your system. hey, its all about figuring out what works for you. while you might have a gain, you still had the big 19 lb loss, you youre really not going in the other direction. keep it up and stay healthy!

  3. Stephen,
    So glad that you have Drs to look after can be scary but hang in there.
    I do hope you have a good week end and do something fun.

  4. I'm so glad you're ok! Take it easy.

  5. So glad you are getting looked after. Large weight losses really can make the body off balance.

    I had palpitations for a while several years ago, and the doctor said it was my body catching up with my weight loss and it was "normal". Uncomfortable though, as you know. Keep us updated!

  6. Hi Stephen,
    Glad to hear nothing serious is going on & that you will be fine!
    Remember it's not a race. You will reach your goals in due time.

  7. You can't do it all in one week, Stephen. Pace yourself and put good weeks together. That's the key to long range success.

  8. Great news man, glad to hear you're alright.

    We just have to keep on keeping one, diet and exercise, one day at a time (since thats all we can do).

    Be well brother.

  9. glad it's all good news... I can only agree with the others.. take it slow and you'll last the distance... btw. what a great reward though to have at the end.... not only the trip, but being healthy and thinner.. well done :)

  10. Great news! Lots of stuff is changing while we lose weight. Glad you went to the doctor.