Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You Everybody

WOW!, I am overwhelmed by everyone's fabulous comments. Thank you all so much. I definitely would not have been able to lose 100 pounds without your help!

Things have been going well this week. One day at a time. I'm ready to leave the 500 pound club. Just 32lbs to go.

Oh, I got the results from the doc about my blood work. I was drinking too much water. Actually, I believe that I was drinking too much water at one time. I was drinking one gallon per day, but I was drinking half a gallon in one hour. So, I have to control my water intake and drink Powerade Zero everyday.

I haven't walked in two days, but will resume in the morning.

Man, I'm still on cloud nine from Monday.

Again, thank you!

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I look forward to following your journey and also reading your archives. You can do it! You ARE doing it! You are an inspiration!

  2. Hi I am new to your blog, over here from sean's blog. WOW!!!! Great Job on your 100 lbs. I can't seem to get enough water, so good on you for drinking a half gallon...oy. You are an inspiration and you will go so far. Oh, and I like your outfit. I am rooting for you!

  3. Hey! You're the first person I've heard of that was drinking too MUCH water!

    I wish I had found your blog earlier, I would have loved to been a part of the 1st hundred. But I am here for the next 100!

    The Skinny On Getting Skinny

  4. Glad everything worked out for you at the doctor.

    Yes, this weight loss process is one day at a time. Sometimes for me it's one hour or one minute at a time. Baby steps...slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the good work!

  5. oh, man, hyponatremia! i cant believe i didnt think of that. excess water dilutes the sodium and you were cutting back on the sodium as well. it makes sense. im glad you got an answer for that though and that it wasnt too bad to deal with.

  6. Live and learn about the water.
    Keep doing great on the rest!
    Life is much better on the "downward" side, eh?!

  7. Wow, too much water... who would have thunk it?

  8. Too much water? Wow.

    I guess just spreading it out will help you tons.

    Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you'll see lots more of me for the next 200! I cant wait to see pictures of you at that race!

    Project Hot Mommy

  9. Wow! You are an inspiration! I'm excited to watch you through your amazing journey!