Thursday, September 3, 2009

Groovin, on a Thursday afternoon.

This week has been going great.

Monday: I went to a University of Alabama recruitment meeting where people discuss all of the latest information about high school players being sought by the University. There was a pretty good turnout, and the coolest part was meeting Matt Caddell, a former wide receiver from Alabama. He played one year for the St. Louis Rams.

Tuesday and Wednesday: work, work, work. A did do a little bit of walking and working out, but I was still recovering from last week's work out. The first workouts are the worst, but after the first few, it gets really easy.

Today: I went and worked out with Donnie at Fitness Together at Patton Creek (Hoover, AL). There is an incredible difference in working out with a trainer and working out by yourself. First, the trainer plans and demonstrates your workout. Second, the trainer spots and counts your reps. I think this is really important because when I'm struggling with lifting, I tend to lose count or not track the first few reps because I'm focusing on how heavy the bar is. (Yes, I'm weak, only lifting the 45 lb Olympic barbell.) Finally, the trainer is  there encouraging and pushing you to do it

We focused on arms at today's workout, and used the straight olympic barbell as our primary lifting equipment, but we did do a little bit of work on legs and abs.

I'm putting together a list of gym equipment that I want to buy. My goal is to spend as little as possible and get some sturdy equipment. (Not because I want the best, but because I have a big rear end. :)

I plan on starting out with the following:
  1. Sturdy weight bench with separate bar holder like the following:

  2. 45 lb Olympic 7 ft straight barbell

  3. 10 lb Medicine Ball

I've already got a set of 5lb and 20lb dumbbells.

What's cool is the above will get me by for a while, all I'll need to add is weights as I need them, and they can be bought individually.

I'm gonna see what the thrift store has. Also, I hear that Wright Fitness downtown has used equipment, and they carry gym grade stuff. We'll see what happens.

My birthday is this month so I have asked for either cash towards gym equipment or a Casual Male gift card. It's funny, I used to loath trying on and buying clothes. Now, I want to go buy the whole store. I can't wait to be able to buy clothes at a regular clothing store.

This weekend my mom and I are going to clean out my junk room (a former bed room/office). I'll be donating the stuff I no longer use to the Civitan for a garage/yard sale they are doing on the 12th. This room will be my home gym.

I'm gonna setup the video camera in my soon-to-be weight room. I think a video montage of weight loss/strength building progress will be awesome. Every day I am noticing changes to my body. I'm losing my padding, and I'm doing it without surgery.

There's nothing wrong with weigh loss surgery, but you still have to change your eating habits with weight loss surgery. I have heard so many stories of people having surgery, losing a lot of weight, and then gaining it all back a few years later. So, there's no end-all miracle cure for obesity. Maybe except desire and self-discipline. Blogging has helped me tremendously. Have I been perfect since March this year? No

Without this blog, I would have quit after my first bump in the road, but knowing that my friends and family are reading it and so many others have left so many kind, life changing comments, I couldn't let them down.

Also, I'm getting pumped about the upcoming 5k on Oct 10th. I changed the color of my NASCAR to pink for the 5k. I am diligently walking varying distances to work for this goal. Squats are really helping me speed up my pace.

Finally, I'm stoked about this weekend. We've got college football, and I'm a big Alabama fan (insert joke here). Also, it's labor day weekend. It's gonna be a fun, relaxing weekend. Well, except for cleaning up my room.

Who's your team? Are you a Tiger, Dog, Buckeye, Wolverine, etc.?

Roll Tide Roll

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  1. Stephen - you are doing great! And it is never really a straight shot to goal, there will be times when you meander around the path, but it is all about living live and learning!

  2. congats on a great week! All your hard work is paying off. Sounds like you plans for cleaning out the room and setting up some workout stuff is a GREAT idea. Hope you have a good holiday weekend!

  3. wow over a hundred pounds already! Keep it up, even if you didn't make it to three hundred you should pay for yourself to go, That is alot of hard work and you are worth it.

  4. You know, I know it's gotten some bad press, what with the psycho killers and all, but I have seen some really great deals on workout equipment on Craigslist, too. My friend just got a $400 set of those Bowflex adjustable weight dumbbells for $100. Just a thought. You're doing great!

    BTW, I'm a Wolverine all the way. Go BLUE! (Still trying to figure out how we're gonna see tomorrow's game now that we live in North Carolina)

  5. I'll check out craigslist - Thanks

    BTW, I believe the Wolverines will be televised on ESPN2 this weekend. You shouldn't have any trouble watching it unless you don't have cable. In that case, you can go to any quality sports bar and request the game. :)

  6. It sounds like you're doing great and I'll listen out for gym equipment like you're looking for. And... I'm a BAMA girl!

  7. Sounds like you have a great workout plan! I think that is half the battle!

    Keep up the great work and have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Congrats on your success so far, keep it are doing great! I am a USF Bulls fan myself, I am excited that they will play Florida State and Miami this year. They are progressing quickly as an legitimate football program. Have a great weekend!

  9. Great job!! Are there any Play It Again Sports stores near you? What about Goodwill?

    LSU Tigers rock.

  10. Stephen, congradulations on your success so far! You've done a great job and I know you'll accomplish what you set out to do.

    Go Dogs!! Sick em'!!

  11. I know what you mean about wanting to buy out a whole clothes store! I love shopping now and I have only dropped one shirt size. I can't imagine what a clothes horse I will be after I have droped a hundred pounds. I am at the 50lbs mark right now. Blogging as kept me going too. It really feels like a family. we all understand what we are going through and we are here to support each other.