Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday 03/21/09

Man, I was lazy today. I woke up early and forgot to take my morning meds. As a result, I was tired all day. My mom will ask me, "How do you forget your meds in the morning?" I don't know. I guess I'm gonna have to have a morning checklist.

Tomorrow, I'm going over to my buddy Bob's house to watch the Bristol Nascar Race. It'll be fun.

I've been thinking about going to the Talladega race at the end of April because I found out there's a seating area that has bleachers. The main thing holding me back is I don't have anyone that will go with me. I'm afraid that if I ask someone that normally goes to the race, they'll want to sit in the stadium seat area because the view is much better from the stadium seats. Also, I will buy two tickets for my big ass bringing the ticket total to $120. I'll still have to buy food, beer, and gas. That makes for an expensive weekend. I'll probably wait till next year. I will enjoy it even more next year because I will have lost more weight.

The above is just one of many examples of why it sucks being a major fat ass. I always have to think about seating arrangements everywhere I go. My ass will not fit into chairs with arms, and twenty dollar armless task chairs scream in agony when a rotund pair of butt cheeks rest on them. (Can you blame the chair?)

However, I am proud that I usually don't let the chair thing get in my way. I go and do what I want and improvise when there is a challenge. It's very rare, but I will stand if suitable arrangements cannot be found.

Damn, I have to sneeze. It's that time of year again. This morning my windshield had a nice coat of pollen it.

No pics today... Here's Carter Beauford:

2 wheat blueberry waffles + cream cheese + honey
1 boiled egg w/o yolk

trail mix

sandwich: 2 rye + chick pea pattie fried in veggie oil + ketchup + mustard
pork and beans
cottage cheese + fruit

trail mix

baked butt with bbq sauce (pork)
salad + dressing

2 liters


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  1. I used/still have to consider what the seating arrangements will be when I go somewhere. I've had to stand during concerts and sporting events because I didn't fit in the chair. I couldn't eat at a restaurant unless they had tables with chairs without arms. That is beginning to change. I went to the movies, yesterday and sat with both armrests down for the rist time since high school. It will get better, and it is so worth it.

  2. Change your intro at the top of your page. You "used" to weight 632. You'll never see the 600's again!

  3. Holy shit! I completely missed your weigh-in... !!!! I was even counting down for it! My mind has been away- focused on finals and insecurities over the in-laws. AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS. I assume you are encouraged! The seating thing WILL get better- I know it is a great motivator for me to get my shit together... so I can blend in! YES!

    You are kicking ass!