Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday 03/19/09

I'm stoked about walking a 5k in Feb 2010, and I should be easily able to walk this far by then. The primary reason why I'm doing this is having a goal makes it easier to exersice every day. The more I do it the better I feel (exercise) :). So, now when I get ready to walk I am pumped because I have a reason to walk besides for my health.

Here's a map of the course (click pic for larger image) :

My training plan for the next weigh-in period:

03/20-04/20: Mon-Sat Walk 15-30 min; Mon/Wed/Fri 40 Steps
Also, continue to post food. I'll stop posting my daily food after 04/20. Hopefully by then I can make my blog more entertaining.

Weigh in is Tomorrow!! I hope I'm in the 500's, but if I'm not, it's cool because I will be next weigh in.

2 wheat waffles with cream cheese and honey
2 boiled eggs w/o yolks

trail mix

1 sand: 2 rye, 2 roast beef, 1 cheese, mustard, hot sauce
trail mix

trail mix

chicken, brown rice, and broccoli
salad + dressing
white beans

2 liters

25 min walking - Thanks Dennis & Steve - Walking buddies are awesome.
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  1. I find myself checking your blog at 3:00AM to see if you posted your WI yet. I am really rooting for you. I read a lot of blogs about people just like you and me, but I find few that I can really get behind. I'm sure, like me, that you have tried to get healthier a hundred times before. What you are doing here shows real dedication. Count me in your corner.