Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday 03/17/09

I was tired today because I woke up early. I still have to drink more water!!! Also, I need to step up the exercise. Aside from that, my eating is going very well. Well, except for the cottage cheese and fruit at supper. I ate like 2 cups of cottage cheese and 1 serving of fruit. I don't think it's going to hurt anything, but I don't want to start a pattern of overeating at supper. I also want to look at some lighter/low fat salad dressings. Currently I am eating blue cheese all of the time, which is very good, and considering the small qty of food that I'm eating, I don't think it will hurt. But, these "I don't think it will hurt" thoughts add up and grow over time. I'll talk it over with Kevin.

My weigh-in is on Friday, and I'll confess that I have been weighing. I weighed on 3/7, 3/11, and one more time on 3/14. I am going to stick to the monthly weigh-ins because I have started the numbers game again and get discouraged. I just have to follow my plan and as Jared at 12millionsteps.com says: "rinse, lather, repeat" - It took me 29 years to get to the weight that I'm at. It's not going to go away overnight. Finally, I'll get my blood pressure checked on Thurs. and report all the numbers Fri morn.

Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments. I read your blogs, but sometimes I don't comment because I don't know what to write. I'm new to blogging, and I'll get better over time. Hell, I started twitter 2 weeks ago and friggin love it.

scrambled eggs
English muffin + blueberry cream cheese

trail mix

see pic vvv
1 sandwich - 2 rye + 1 cheese + 1 roast beef + mustard + hot sauce
cinnamon apple sauce
1/2 bannana

trail mix

meat loaf
salad + dressing
white beans
cottage cheese + fruit

2 liters

15 min walk

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