Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday 04/03/09

Today was much better than yesterday. I wasn't very busy at work but I did spend some time researching phone systems. Surprisingly, they are very easy to implement. So, my goal is to be a one stop shop for small businesses. Anything technology related, I want them to call me. I will be their adviser for anything technology related.

Okay, enough work talk. I did a lot of walking today and it felt great. Also, I noticed that I'm finding it easier to walk.

I may have a new swimming spot soon. I can't remember if I posted this or not on the blog, so here it is: Last year I swam at the Y for a few months. I don't like locker rooms because I'm uncomfortable undressing in front of others and I really don't like seeing a bunch of naked dudes, especially guys that don't care that they're naked, and start conversing with everyone while they are in the buff. Yuck! So, when I swam at the Y, I would arrive when they opened at 5:00am so I could get a good parking space, and I also would wear my swimming gear. After swimming, I would drive home wet, which sucked. I draped the driver's seat of my truck with plastic but water would still get on the seat. When the weather got cold, I stopped going to the Y.

But now, I might have access to a couple of indoor pools at St Vincents hospital. They have a gym open to the public. But, the best news is that they might have some areas in the locker room where curtains can be closed for privacy, and they have a parking deck so I don't have to worry about parking. At the Y, I had to park on the street. If there wasn't a spot near the entrance, I wouldn't go because I would leave wet. It's very uncomfortable walking around in wet clothes.

I will find out Monday if they have the curtain areas in the men's locker room. If they don't, I'll keep searching for a place to swim.

I will catch up on my blog reading tomorrow.

Finally, thanks everybody for your comments from yesterday.

2 turkey bacon
2 wheat waffles + honey
2 eggs boiled no yolks


sandwich: 2 pump, 2 turkey, 1 cheese, hot sauce
cottage cheese + fruit
cinnamon apple sauce


a few nuts
baked chicken breast
broccoli + salad dressing

2 liters

aprx 2800 steps

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  1. That'd be great if you could find a place to swim which you were comfortable with. Hopefully this one works out for you.