Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday 04/04/09 - I ate a bunny :(

Went to the grocery this morning and I did a bad thing: I bought some Easter candy, and I gobbled it all up. Fortunately, we didn't buy a lot. You can see what I ate below. Honestly, I didn't enjoy it. The chocolate bunny was very, very sweet.

Also, I ate way too much at supper. Tomorrow is another day and I don't plan on doing this again.

1 toast with turkey and cheese

a few peanuts
3 little snicker eggs
1 large reeses chocolate rabbit

Sand: 2 pump, baked portabello mushroom, and tomato

trail mix

2 bowls of beef stew
cinnamon apple sauce

2 glasses


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  1. funny how things like that have "changed" in taste! :) I've had a few moments with old foods that i used to love that really are too sweet now.

    I've had a not stellar day with the foods either.

    More W & E tomorrow and you'll be winning!! Same for me! :D

  2. Well you have the right attitude with looking forward to tomorrow. You ate some chocolate. You're human. It's okay.

    I have that problem with beef stew too...always eat too much. Comfort foods always wreck my diet.

    I know this is probably the lamest advice ever, but I bet drinking more water would help with making you less hungry at dinner. Lately I've been trying to take a drink after every bite. It seems to be working okay except for the fact that I have a hard time knowing when I'm "full" after decades of overeating, so sometimes I end up a little miserable. Just a suggestion :)

  3. Thanks Tamzin and Tricia.

    I do have to drink more water. I know better. We all do, but knowing and doing are two different things. Time for W & E. :)

  4. I've been holding off eating any Easter chocolate, but I plan to on Easter itself, then no more. I'm planning on a dark chocolate Lindt bunny. If I'm going to indulge, I get the good stuff so I'll enjoy!

    You're right, tomorrow is another day. In the long run, the occasional treat will not hurt you. Just make it something you really like and don't feel guilty. Guilt only hurts you.

    I soooo agree about the water! I drink a minimum of 96oz per day, extra if I'm eating something sugary or salty. In other words, something I shouldn't eat!

  5. I have noticed a pattern that when I eat a high sugar item (candy, ice cream)- it triggers over eating later... I know the scientific reason is probably obvious, but for me it seems to be an emotional trigger that opens up desire to continue with the "feel good-ness" which is either high sugar, fat, sodium, or just plain overeating... Anyway. Just a personal observation.

    Yes! Tomorrow (or actually today) is another day! Not a start over, but a continuation of your new lifestyle!!

  6. Hey Losing Waist!, I have noticed the pattern too. After yesterday I have just controlled myself and also I have not had any negative self-talk. In the past I would get discouraged about straying off my plan, but now I am better prepared and experienced. I guess you could say that I am a professional dieter. Now if I could only get paid for it. Hmm... I don't get paid for it, but there are so many rewards. (I know, it's cheesy but true!)

    Our emotions play such a big part of well, everything we do.