Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday 03/31/09

Posting this message late (a day late) while watching "The Green Mile" - "Walkin the Mile, Walkin the Mile, Walkin the Green Mile" "I tried to take it back boss, but it was just too late"

Water and exercise still a problem. I'm not too concerned because it's been raining here and I've been busy at work. My legs do feel stronger since I've been doin the stairs 3 times a week.

2 wheat waffles + cream cheese + honey
2 turkey bacon
2 eggs boiled no yolk

trail mix

sandwich: 2 turkey, 2 rye, cream cheese, hot sauce
ambrosia salad

trail mix

turkey meat loaf
salad + dressing
black eye peas
ambrosia salad

1 liter


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1 comment:

  1. Ya know, I've never seen that movie. Always meant to. I should add it to the Blockbuster list.

    I've been wanting to start taking the stairs at work too, but I always feel embarrassingly out of breath by the time I reach the top. It's only one flight and that makes me feel pretty pathetic so I just skip it. Hopefully I'll start walking soon to build up some stamina and then maybe I'll brave the stairs.