Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday 04/01/09

Today went by really fast because I was so busy at work. Can you believe it's already April? Hell, football will be starting before we know it.

Well, the playboy bunny and apple computer guy didn't make it on Dancing With the Stars. No surprise there. I did like Steve from Apple though.

I'm not keeping up with American Idol so far this year. I guess I'm getting tired of it, and they keep changing it.

My throat still feels like it has a lump sometimes. It's uncomfortable but I'll live with it. Also, my ear ache is pretty much gone. The Advil and OTC ear drops worked well.

2 wheat waffles + cream cheese + honey
2 turkey bacon
1 egg boiled no yolk

trail mix

sandwich: turkey + 2 bread + cream cheese
salad + dressing

trail mix

baked fish filet
salad + dressing
black eye peas
ambrosia salad

2 liters

nay nay

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  1. Seems like you are hitting your days pretty consistantly. I think you are going to have another amazing month. YOU are inspiring to me!

  2. You are doing well with your eating. If you can get the exercise to be a regular part of your day, you will be unstoppable.

  3. You're not missing much on Idol this year. It's kinda crazy and too many judges.

    Do you find yourself getting tired of eating the same foods all the time? I tend to do that a lot at first then it turns on me. I use it as an excuse sometimes too. Hope that doesn't happen to you, you're doing great!