Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday 06/12/09

Well it finally happened. I've had my first negative comment. I've been dreading this from the start of this blog. It's funny though, the comment didn't upset me. I must admit I know who made the comment, but I'm not going to respond to them because they are looking for a fight and my fighting days are over. This comment is on the "Wednesday 06/10/09" post if you want to read it.

Enough of the negative stuff, today was good. I went a little overboard on supper, but it's not too bad. I went to the gym to swim, but the pool was full, and I'm impatient. So I went home. I wasn't mad. I just did not want to wait.

I have a feeling that this Monday's loss will be higher than last weeks.

I wish you all a great fun weekend.

1/2 plain + 1/2 maple oatmeal
2 turkey bacon
2 eggs boiled no yolks


6" Subway tuna on wheat
baked tater chips
large diet coke

protein bar

12 wings mild
egg drop soup
egg roll
tortilla (siroin patty, onions, and salsa)

1/2 gallon


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  1. I like your blog. I hope the lifestyle changes help your health!

  2. hi; been following your journal this past week; I don't think I left a comment before. I think you are doing great. That person who made a negative comment should be ashamed of themselves. That is certainly no way to go out motivating people to come and work out at their gym (if indeed they have one). Just keep doing what you are doing because it seems to be working!


  3. Great week!

    Sometimes you have to allow yourself some leeway and just try to even it out by following it up with some really good days... we are only human ...the trick is not to give up.

    I think you are going to have a great weigh in on Monday. Have a fun weekend. Try to get some walking and a swim in there, since you missed Friday's swim.

    You are doing great! --Robin

  4. Great Stephen. The dinner was a bit overboard,, but here is a trick. Balance the protein with good fat. Have some almonds instead of the WonTon and Eggroll. Have a few almonds with the protein bar. Good for your health, and very satisfying. Carry some in your car to Subway. Then munch them instead of the chips.. You can see I'm weaning you off of the starchy stuff and introducing the better and healthier fats.--Tom

  5. Read the comment, who the f*ck is he to talk like that?? Screw him, is there any way you can block him from leaving comments? What a dickhead.