Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday 06/01/09

First, I felt GREAT today. I don't know if it's taking the thyroid meds at night, taking the new fish oil supplements, or whatever it is. I felt good. Still feel good. Also, I drank a ton of water today. Finally, I walked a little today in addition to the swimming.

Second, the lump in my throat has gone down today. I believe taking the thyroid meds at night helps.

Finally, if you are squeamish, you will want to stop reading now. I am serious.

Okay, here's what happened at supper tonight: I was munchin on some tasty chicken livers that were baked in shake n bake seasoning, coated in hot sauce, and also contained a little ranch. I was also eating broccoli with ranch dressing.

Well, things were going fine. I was chewing and taking bite after bite of the livers. Then I cut off a small piece of liver with my fork and put it in my mouth, and the taste was INCREDIBLY bitter. I know that chicken liver can be a little bitter, but this was so bitter that I immediately spit the liver out on my plate.

So, I started inspecting the bitter liver and noticed this green thing on it. I thought somehow it was a piece of broccoli on the liver, but upon further inspection I could tell that the green thing was apart of the liver. I pressed the green pouch with my fork, and green goo started flowing out of the pouch. OH MY GOD!!! I lost it. I immediately ran to the trash can and lost it.


I, of course, googled my little traumatic experience and found out that the green pouch was the gall bladder, and the green bitter stuff was bile.

Fortunately, some culture each that nasty bitter as* shi* because, of course, I thought I was gonna die. I've survived some crazy shi*, but I thought I was gonna be taken out by a rotten chicken liver.

It's been 3 hours, and still taste that nasty shi* in my mouth. Needless to say, I WILL NEVER EVER, EVER EAT ANY LIVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

Maybe I should find another chicken gall bladder, and put that nasty shi* on ice cream, foods with bad carbs, etc. so I will never eat them again.


1 Breakfast Burrito (2 turkey sausage patties, 1 egg, salsa, 1 slice deli cheese, and 1 whole-wheat tortilla)

I ate half of lunch

I ate second half of lunch

protein bar

Unfortunately, Chicken livers baked in shake n bake seasoning, hot sauce, and ranch dressing
Broccoli and ranch dressing
mandarin oranges and cottage cheese

3/4 Gallon of water

1/4 mile walk
Swim 18 laps

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  1. You did fantastic today! Much better water intake, healthier breakfasts and split lunch. I like that you chose a baked item for dinner although I would have recommended something like chicken breasts:) I'm sorry it was such a "bitter" experience for you but hopefully will push you in a more healthful direction. Congratulations on the hard work! I am proud of your progress.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to post lunch. Here it is:

    1 whole-wheat tortilla with hummus, ground turkey with taco seasoning, low fat sour cream, and salsa

    1 pink salad (sugar free gelatin, low fat generic whipped topping, and canned pineapple packed in no sugar added juice)

  3. Now I have ANOTHER reason to not eat liver!!! Ewww!!! :) Glad you survived!

  4. Now I have ANOTHER reason to NOT eat liver!!! EWWWW!! :) Glad you survived!

  5. Phooey on livers... except for ours! Otherwise, it sounds like you're doing great.

  6. Why can't I ever stop reading something when the author warns "Stop reading this"? Nothing ever good happens when you keep reading...

    Way to keep posting thru the week. It'll definitely keep you more accountable.

    Keep on keeping on.

  7. Have you thought about making the switch to plain yogurt instead of sour cream? It will taste different in the beginning but has wonderful bacteria to increase your intestinal flora plus the added benefit of not being low-fat so you can avoid all of the chemicals.

  8. Glad you are feeling good, and I bet it is due to a combination of all the things you are doing right for your body!!

  9. Hi, Just came across your blog congrads on your progress. I noticed we are on the same thyroid med.Did your doc. tell you to take them in the wee hours of the morning when the stomach is empty? I have to get up between 3-4am ugh, to take mine.Also I have to take fish oil also do you know why?? Just wondering about these things always interesting what different docs.say.

  10. I like the livers from KFC. That was horrible for you!

    Keep up tha awesome work! I'm rooting for you all the way.

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  11. Oh, my! I laughed so hard until I cried. I'm sorry, that is terrible about the liver. I don't eat liver - it's a texture thing for me. Keep up the good work and remember to keep seasoning your food to replace fat with flavor.

  12. um, ew about the chicken livers. yay about feeling great and the water intake. i have a q about your thyroid meds- if you want to answer on here, cool, if not, you can find another way that i dont know about yet, lol....anyway, did you always take armour? were you ever on synthroid? i want to try armour, but getting in where i live is pretty hard. i was just wondering about the difference in the 2 and how it affected you (ie., energy). also, ive heard taking it whenever works for you is the best. im not sure how armour works, but if its like synthroid, as long as there are no vitamins (4 hrs) or food (2 hrs) when you take it, whenever should be a good time.

    anyway, things look like theyre going great, keep it up!

  13. My doc told me how much armour thyroid to take, and I have always taken it in the morning, but now that I think about it, he didn't really say when to take it, so I've always taken it in the morning.

    I just looked at the label for my armour thyroid, and it says only to take as directed. It doesn't even list the dosage.

    I just found out about fish oil pills the other day from a friend on facebook. I also googled them, and there is so many benefits to taking them. Also, they are cheap. So, I figured, why not? I take one fish oil pill at every meal.

    Thank You

  14. I've always taken armour thyroid. I think my doc prescribed it for me because it's cheaper than the synthetic meds. I don't have health insurance, so every penny saved helps.

  15. Please get this book! It will help your food sellection and the amount you need to eat. is a site i told you about on a facebook message. If you need inspiration it is a great place to go. There is a on line radio program on Thursdays you can call in for advise.

    You are doing a FANTASTIC job changing your diet and all of the exersize. GO, GO, GO!!!