Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Before Friday

Started the day with a walk with my Mom. The hills by my house are awful, but I will get used to them eventually.

I forgot to mention that last night we tried vinegar and extra light olive oil on our iceberg lettuce. It was very good. I was impressed.

I have a bad habit of sitting on my ass on weekends instead of being active and productive. I'm coming up with ideas on what I can do instead of watching TV and farting around on the computer. Do you have anything special that's affordable and a big person can do. (I still can't fit into chairs with arms.) Here's the start of my list:
  • Actually do the house work that I need to do, ie. vaccum, dust, organize my stuff, etc.
  • Go fishing - This is one of the things that I keep wanting to do, but procrastinate on it.
  • Volunteer work - I signed up to volunteer in the Oct 2 5k for the Make A Wish Foundation - I was thinking that I could also volunteer for the Humane Society (A local animal shelter.)
  • Take pictures - This is another item that has been on my list for a long time.
Hopefully, with my added energy, I'll actually want to be active on the weekend. Right now my energy levels still go up and down throughout the day. Sometimes I think it may be a blood sugar spike after I eat something sweet like yogurt. I've noticed that water helps a lot.

I think it might just take time for my body to adjust. This is the first week that I have really tracked all the stats behind my food (calories, carbs, sugar, protein, etc.), and I can tell a difference in my energy levels. I am already in the double-digit weight loss, and I still have 3 days until weigh-in. I know a lot of the loss is retained fluid from all of the sodium that I was consuming, but according to, just eating 1500 calories a day (and following the other levels for fat, sugar, etc), I should lose 5 pounds per week. This doesn't include exercise. - But, as I my weight gets lower, my weekly loss will go down, and I believe this is when I will really have to kick the exercise into high gear.


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  1. Those 4 items on your list are good! and plenty to keep you occupied I think.

  2. Your weekend activity list sounds great. I like just about everything on that list, EXCEPT the cleaning part! Enjoy yourself and congrats for the doing the hilly walk with your mom.

  3. Glad to read that you found a dressing for your salads. I know Jens dad(prior fat girl) like his dressing and some of them aren't the best.

    I'm sure your walks will become very special to your mom. There's nothing like helping your child overcome something like this.

    Do you enjoy going to the library and reading a magazine about your hobbies. Or checking out books on racecars,hunting,or fishing. I know Jen's dad wants to take a once in a lifetime hunting trip but the weight keeps him from going.
    He wants to go skydiving but again he's over the weight limit

    Just get outside and enjoy life. We are excited for you so keep it up.

  4. You got that right! I was really spoiled with huge weigh day numbers early. Now that I've lost 194...a great two week weigh in is 5 or 6 pounds. But---it's steady...and that's all that matters. I'm getting there and so are you!! Feels good huh?

    My best

  5. Way to go this week, Stephen! You're on your way!

  6. Hi Stephen,
    Sounds like you're doing great.Here are some things I like to on the weekend, take photos, play on the wii, garden, go for long drives then go for long walks once we get to wherever we are going to.

  7. your doing great...can't wait to see the weigh in numbers, I'm so happy for you!

  8. Doing great buddy. Thanks for being an inspiration!


  9. the dressing is looking good! its not so bad on salad, as long as its wet, imo. i put some oregano and pepper in mine today. great job this week! as for the weekends, i dont know if you still want to walk, but you can drive to different places and map a walk with its fun to map different places and see where you can go and how far it is.

  10. I think the ideas you have are great already! Along with everyones suggestions. What about hobbies? Do you have any? Any that require you to move??Even fishing you don't do much moving but i would get you out of the house and away from your food supply.You know turn off the computer and the TV for a weekend or even just a day. You'd be surprised what your mind comes up with to do when its not lulled by these two things. If nothing else maybe you'll sleep , take a nap. Most of us don't get enough sleep and that can lead to overeating. I think your doing great! Chin up!Jinx!

  11. Fishing is alot of fun and keeps my mind off food! :)