Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fitness Together - First Day

(left to right) Coach Jack Eyer, Stephen Vinson, Donnie Warnock
I started training today with Coach Jack Eyer and Donnie Warnock with Fitness Together at Patton Creek in Hoover, Alabama. They have started me on a great program to accelerate weight loss. Also, They are showing me what to do at home, and we'll be meeting every week to see how I progress. Coach Eyer recommends training three days a week at home and three days a week with a trainer. I'll be posting some videos of my training as soon as they get them to me.
What's great about Fitness Together is that you train one-to-one with a certified trainer, and there's no one else in their workout area while you work out. It's just you and the trainer.
Check out some of Coach Eyer's clients:
 I'm so excited. They are laying out a complete fitness plan for me to follow. Now the ball's in my court, and I must consistently execute.

On to the next item: Wednesday afternoon I went over to the Trak Shak in Homewood, AL to help stuff swag bags for the Make-A-Wish 5k on Saturday. I will be a volunteer at Saturday's race. The volunteer's will be registering runners and performing other duties. Yes, I'll be posting pics of the race.

I didn't realize there was such a community of runners/walkers in Birmingham, and I think it's awesome they have the Trak Shak to meet up at. The Trak Shak sells shoes, clothing, and accessories for runners and walkers. Also, it is the hang out. The best part is: (drum roll please) they have free low carb light beer for runners and walkers. (Before you fuss, no, I didn't drink any beer. Honest.)

It was great to see a local independent business doing well in this economy.

I didn't know that runners consume a ton of beer. I was even told that at most marathons, they give out beer on the last drinking station of the course. Who knew?

The Make-A-Wish Dream Team will be meeting this Sunday for our first training run/walk. It's only thirty minutes, so it should be fun. And, again, the coach is going to provide water and beer. (wow) (I am easily impressed.)

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  1. I am so happy to see you engaged Stephen. Make sure you read Robin's recommended book. We will have more for your reading list as time goes on. The body changes,.... the mind changes.. It all goes together.

  2. That sounds like a great fitness program Stephen. You are gonna do great! Can't wait to see the videos.

  3. How wonderful that you have such awesome support! You must be really excited.

    Good luck!

  4. It's wonderful (and inspiring) to see how active you are becoming! You have a lot of fun things on the horizon, and I have a feeling that you are going to see some good results on the scale. You look great in that picture, too!

  5. You're looking fabulous my friend. I'm so excited for you. Your transformation---I get goose bumps thinking about it.

    Stephen, You're going to be free. Great fitness place---very nice!
    Can't wait to see the upcoming pics!

  6. Congrats on getting some trainers! You're looking good too!

    And I think it's really neat that you are working with Make a Wish. They are a super organization. Sounds like you're having a terrific week!

  7. I am so glad that you have trainers! I know it will really help and make a huge difference. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!

  8. I'm so excited for you and your new workouts!!! You are heading in the right direction!!

  9. Well done on getting trainers involved. You are setting yourself up to succeed!