Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm sore from yesterday's workout, but it's a good, temporary sore.

I look forward to volunteering at tomorrow's Make-A-Wish 5k. I've never been to a race, so it's gonna be neat to see how these races work. Also, the race is at Alabama Adventure, a water/theme park, and volunteers get a free pass to the park. So, I'll take my swimming stuff just in case I want to go in the park, but I most likely won't go. Also, I'm taking plenty of my powerade zero.

About the Powerade zero, that stuff is hard to find. Lately I've been buying it at Sam's. All the stores in my area don't carry very much Powerade, but they have a ton of Gatorade. Go figure.

I didn't workout today, nor walk because my legs were sore. Tomorrow I'll be standing for five hours and doing a bit of walking at the race. That'll be enough exercise.

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  1. Congrats Stephen. I just did my first 5k make a wish walk last weekend in Milwaukee. 3.1 miles is a lot longer than I thought :-) Felt great and it was for a great cause.

    PS love the Powerade Zero also!


  2. Glad you said that about the Powerade Zero. I'll try it.
    It's good to be sore!

  3. I know that sore - it's a good kind! Have fun today!

  4. I think your blog is lovely, so please accept this award for being such an awesome person, fat fighter, and example to the world. :)

    You can claim your award at my most recent blog, drumroll please. Have a blessed day!