Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Game On

I am feeling better. My throat didn't bother me so much today.

Went to another Chamber Luncheon today, and I wore the same dress pants that I wore to last month's luncheon. What was cool is that last month they were tight. This month they were extremely loose. Talk about a non-scale victory!

 Also, I called the doc's office today and asked about working out while on antibiotics, and they said as long as I feel up to it, go for it. SWEET! So, tomorrow I will be doing my first real Bowflex workout. Andy IM'd me this afternoon and said he's gonna need the additional 50 lb bands soon. The unit will hold one additional set of 50 lb bands. I've got a lot of catching up to do, to reach Andy's level.

I filled out the paperwork to register for the October 10th Race for the Cure. This is exciting. My first race. - I'm not ready yet, and I don't know if I'll really be ready by Oct 10, but I'm gonna walk it no matter what. There's no time limit, so I'll just take my time. My primary objective on all of the races is to FINISH!

I watched The Biggest Loser tonight, and one of the contestants basically collapsed after running/jogging/walking a mile. They had to transport that poor lady via helicopter to the hospital, and she missed the entire first week of competition. Fortunately, her partner, Coach Mo, kept her (and him) in the competition by losing enough weight. Anyway, the lady that collapsed made one major mistake in her mile race. She went way over her physical capabilities by running the first part of the course, which included some major hills. She should have walked the first part of the course and saved the running for the last portion of the race.

Danny (our running/walking coach) preaches the tortoise and the hare story to us at our bi-weekly runs/walks.

Have a great Wednesday.

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  1. awesome about the pants! Good luck on your workout tommorrow! Rooting for you from Colorado!

  2. Good for you!!
    you are doing awesome...

  3. Good luck with your workout, it will be really tough for the first few weeks on it!

  4. I watched it too and knew something bad was going to happen when she sprinted out in front. I love it that your pants are too big! Good luck on your bowflex workout!

  5. That's a very cool NSV!! Congrats for keeping up the workouts, even though you aren't feeling so super.

    And I watched the BL last night too. I felt bad for that chick that passed out. I can't believe that she was out for a whole week!

  6. Good morning! Great news about the pants. It's the little things like that that keep me going! I sat in deep thought after the season premier of the BIGGEST LOSER last night. Read my post for today when you have the time, I think you are someone who could understand it!
    Keep on truckin' my friend!

  7. I think you will enjoy the bowflex. We have one and I used it for several years before I joined the gym. You can do a lot with it!

  8. I only started my weight loss journey 6 months ago. According to the charts I needed to lose 50 lbs-- not exactly a huge amount but given the difficulties I have had shifting 5 lousy pounds in the past, still pretty daunting. However, I was tired of going UP sizes so I started dieting, then walking. Going to a gym is out of the question for me as the closest is an hour drive away. So, rather than let myself off the hook on rainy days (or 6 month Canadian winters) I ordered a treadmill online. For the record, people DO use exercise equipment at home. My treadmill's name is Dante and we have dates 5 days per week. One day per week I rest, the other I hike cross country.

    Results? Only 18 lbs so far but 4 full sizes in clothes. I'm strong, feeling a lot better and shrinking rather nicely.

    Working out at home can be just the ticket for some of us. The very best of luck with your weight loss and exercise plans.



  9. Way to go on the pants, dude. I hope you rock that bowflex.

  10. Congrats on the loose pants! Pretty sweet :)