Friday, September 18, 2009

Talladega Halloween Question

I need your opinion on something:

I have an opportunity of taking pictures at Talladega Superspeedway on Halloween this year. Amp Energy Drink is throwing an after race party at the track, and my buddy Steve the photographer has gotten the job of taking pics at the party, but he needs an additional photographer. He has asked me to go with him to take pics, and I'm really excited about this opportunity because it pays $300 and I might get to see/meet a lot of NASCAR drivers.

The downside of this is that I have never been to the race track and going on Halloween might take away from my trip to Talladega in April 2010. What do you think? Should I do it or not? I created a poll on the right hand side of this page. Please vote on the poll.

Honestly, I probably will not go because I want April 2010 to be a really special trip.

About yesterday: I didn't exercise on Thursday because I was sore from Wed's workout and I was extremely tired all day. I must have moved my CPAP mask while sleeping because I was mega tired all day.

This morning I walked a mile and I plan on working out this evening.

Here's an email from Danny Haralson to me about my training:

Let's mix it up - but tell me if I'm over reaching you.....I'd like for you to be walking 2 miles non-stop within the next week (by 9/26). There are several 'flat places' around measure perfectly and we'll run [walk] a couple of them....I know you've walked 2 laps and the 'Hill of Death' so let's try this.....
Day 1: .75 (equivalent of 3 laps) Today
Day 2: .75
Day 3: 1 mile (4 laps) (Sunday?)
Day 4: .75
Day 5: 1.25 mile
Day 6: Rest (Wed. ?)
Day 7: 1.50
Day 8: 1.25
Day 9: 2 miles

Let's see how this works - then after that I'd to find one day to do 'hills' where you start out climbing the hill 2 times and each week add 1 more trip up....this would be an additional 'workout' (like the morning of an evening run or the evening of a morning run). It will increase your strength and raise your metabolism AGAIN, so that you double your calorie burn. If we can hit 2 miles by 9/26 'ish', then we have almost 14 days to get to 3.5 miles before the Race for the Cure so that you start out (and finish) the race with 100% confidence. Here's the mind set - Stephen, you are 'focused' on the weight loss for Talledega and that's cool - But! YOU are also an athlete in training! You are training for the 5K and the 10K - there are challenges,but you CAN meet them and as you meet these challenges, by training like the athlete you are then the other goals will all into place.....It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are or whether you are running or walking - you are still an athlete, and you ARE in training. So put that schedule in place and start TRAINING! Cover the distance! If you have to stop to catch your breath do it, then go on. The Navy Seals have a saying, "The only easy day was yesterday" Add that to the SeaBee's motto of "Can do" - no matter the task, how impossible the order, their response is CAN DO! Come on, let's see Stephen the athlete and let's make some miles! Thoughts?

--Danny Haralson

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  1. Stephen,
    I'm going to be honest. Not working out because you're sore isn't a good excuse. You can't be sore EVERYWHERE. I know you have a goal and I know you don't want to get hurt, but you have to stop baby yourself. You are capable of working out everyday, even if it's just doing some stairs and going for a walk. The walk does count! You are on a roll but you need to keep it there.

    As for the trip to Talladega, you should go. It will only get you more pumped to get there for the race next Spring. And the added cash would be helpful, right? And imagine if you could meet the same drivers 180 lbs lighter. You'll be going there next Spring as a new man. Take all the opportunities life is handing you.

  2. I agree with the above comment. You should go to the race and get pumped! I also think you should workout whether you're sore or not. Even a slow walk is helpful. Like they say in the movie Roadhouse - "Pain don't hurt." You inspire me!

  3. I think you should go!!! They each can be a GREAT experince!

  4. You know man, this question of whether you should or shouldn't go to Talladega this Halloween, reminds me a lot of a variety of situations I've been in in my life while I was trying to lose weight.

    There were things in the past, during past weight loss attempts, that I did not do because I hadn't lost enough weight or reached a huge goal. I didn't go back to my home town to see my friends, because, even though I'd lost 178 pounds, I was only 25 pounds or so less than they'd ever seen me at, so I wanted to be smaller. I didn't travel to places because I wanted to wait until I was smaller and would thus enjoy it more. I never actively set out to create a social life, etc.

    Essentially, I put so much emphasis on the next huge milestone, that I missed a lot along the road.

    Looking back, I realize that was a part of my extreme all or nothing, perfectionist-style thinking.

    I believe now, that taking advantage of opportunities, and LIVING, actively, my life, while at all points along this weight lose journey, is the healthiest thing for me to do.

    But look man, I am HUGE into things like your Talladega goal. I love the climactic idea of that glorious trip as the pinnacle of an accomplishment. And I'm the kind of guy who, even as a kid, never wanted to know what I got for christmas, until christmas. I dont like knowing too much about any movie Im looking forward to seeing. And my basic instinct would be, like you, to NOT go to Talldega on Halloween so that I could save that first expeirence at that speical place for the upcoming crowning moment.

    But, depsite that, I believe now that if it were me, I would go. And I would love it.

    It will be an amazing experience.

    AND, when you've lost a lot more weight and you go to Talladega again, THAT will ALSO be an amazing experience. And lets not forget, that not least of all, part of that amazing feeling will be all the weight you've lost and the tremendous lifestyle changes you've made.

    Anyway, there is my two (or more) cents.

    As always, all my best man.

  5. I would echo Stages here - don't limit your living. When you get there next year, it WILL be an amazing experience, regardless of getting an opportunity to go and take photos now. Enjoy both, for very different reasons.

  6. Bro, go if you wanna. I think it's a great opportunity... but I'm not paying for this trip... ;) Go make some contacts while you're there and tell them about what you're doing. You have an inspirational story that needs to be shared! I think it'd be awesome if a couple NASCAR peeps or even some drivers found out about what you were doing and got to celebrate your progress with you in April. Let your Holloween visit be something that further motivates you to reach for 300!! Take me with ya and I'll do all the publicity if you want. We'll get some of those people fired up!!

    Actually, I think I'm going to talk to my friend who works at 'Dega... got a killer idea... ;)

    Take Care My Friend!

  7. I think you should go, unless you think it would mess with your motivation for April.

    And I agree - working out when you're sore actually feels BETTER than not working out - the soreness goes away while you're exercising somehow... it's not so bad and you'll feel good for pushing through it!

    Good luck!

  8. So, I don't think going to Talladega for Halloween would ruin your experience at all. You're going to be doing something different than you will be when you go in April, and I think you deserve to do something fun after already losing 116 pounds. It could help you get even more geared up for your ultimate goal because you'll see how cool it is.

    And unless you're so sore you can't walk/lift your arms, it's good to work through the pain. Obviously don't push to the point of injury, but the truth is you're going to be sore a lot, and if you take all those days off that you are sore, you're not going to make near the amount of progress that your body is capable of.

  9. I love your trainer. I like his can do attitude..and I agree with stages of change. No day is a promised day. We like to think we have the "rest of our lives"....all we have is today. Make yes a habit....go man go. Life is special. Live each day.

  10. Hey Stephen, I need to ask you a massive favour. Myself and my partner Robert have entered a competition to win a trip to Thailand to help them with their tourism growth. We had to submit a 1 minute video about ourselves. Our video has been viewed around 600 times but some people who have not been on for as long have had around 10000 hits, i see cheating is obviously on their agendas, the first stage is supposed to be based on what the judges think of you but i suspect it has to do with how many views you get. So i am asking you since you have a large followers base if you would be willing to write a wee blog to your followers and ask them to follow the link at the bottom and view the video of myself and Robert, feel free to view it as many times as you want as it increases the viewage, i have noticed you only need to watch the first couple of seconds and then you change page and go back and woola another 1 view :) Cheating? maybe, but it seems thats what everyone else is doing. I know that your friends and families don't know me and Robert but it would be totally appreciated.

    Thank You In Advance.

    Caley & Robert

  11. You are doing great. Congrats! I love your blog. I agree...workout even if you dont feel like it and after you will ALWAYS feel better and you will be SO proud of yourself. Keep going.

  12. Wow! Just found your blog from AL Bloggers. Go! It sounds like fun. Oh and keep working out.