Sunday, September 20, 2009

Think and Lose Weight

I've read part of Napolean Hill's book: "Think and Grow Rich", and I believe this incredible book can be adapted to anything you want. So, I have come up with my own "clear, consise statement" of the amount of weight that I want to lose instead of the amount of money I want to obtain. I have posted this statement on my bedroom wall, office wall, blog home page, and gym wall, and I will read it every morning right after I wake up, and read it again in the evening just before bed. As I read it, I will see, feel, and believe that I have already lost the weight.

View "Think and Grow Rich" online at:

Pages 24, 25, and 62 were used to aid in the creation of my "clear, concise statement"

Here's my statement:
By the twenty-fifth of April two thousand and ten, I will have lost three hundred pounds.

In return for this weight loss, I will work my butt off, literally. I will follow my food plan, even when special occasions and holidays roll around. I will follow my walking and work out plan, even when I am tired and sore.

I believe that I will lose this weight. My faith is so strong that I can see myself stepping out of that Limo at Talladega. I see my new NASCAR shirt and hat that I purchased with Jack Sh*t’s gift certificate. I can taste the one of many beers that will be consumed this beautiful day. I see Trent and me meeting drivers in the pits with those pit passes hanging on our necks. I hear the roar of the engines and smell the gas and burnt rubber. I see myself getting teary eyed thinking about what such a wonderful journey I had getting to Talladega. Also, I see myself thinking about all of the wonderful people that read and commented on my blog. I also see myself thinking about the 4 medals hanging in a shadow box frame on my wall at home from the four races that I walked.

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  1. I love it! What a great motivator for you :D

  2. Love it Stephen! That is awesome!

  3. Stephen, OMG, I LOVE that book! I have an old, beat-up copy that I keep in my nightstand drawer. I reread it every now and then to rekindle my inner fire. Great post, btw! Keep on truckin'! XO

  4. If you can believe it - you can become it. The mind is a powerful thing!

  5. Stephen,
    Keep up the great work. Yes I was sore today but I still was out there. Slow steady progress. Chase after it! Keep it simple!

  6. That is sooooooo awesome! Keep up the great attitude!

  7. awesome. Any body with that much vision and focus can accomplish whatever they set out to do.
    Keep going.

  8. I loved that book, and I love your statement!