Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talladega Halloween Update

I had 45 votes on my "Should Stephen go to Talladega Raceway on Halloween?" poll. 39 said go and 6 said stay.

First, thank you all for the overwhelming response.

I got more details yesterday on the event: This AMP party is on Saturday, October 31st after the NASCAR Nationwide Series race. So, the party is not on Sunday, which is when the Sprint Cup Series cars run. Most likely this is some type of costume party for Halloween, and I seriously doubt that any drivers will be there, but I still don't have all of the details. No matter who's there or if I don't see any racing, I will still make $300 and probably enjoy the party. It's always fun to be around drunk people in costumes. Oh, by the way, I am going to the party.

If I have permission, I'll post some pics from the party on the blog. There are two rooms for this party. Steve is gonna setup his studio lights in one room, and I'm gonna setup my studio lights in the other. (They requested the lights.) Normally I would use just a hot shoe flash. Good thing I didn't sell my Novatrons (studio lights) and Minolta light meter. Maybe when I get this weight off I will start shooting for money again. I quit shooting because of my size. I wasn't comfortable standing up in front of a group of people and directing them around. Also, I was so out of shape that it was a major job carrying all of my equipment around.

This week food wise has been really good, but the exercise started out shaky. It rained all day Monday, so I didn't do any walking, and then my workout partner was out sick. Also, I am still waiting on the cables to come in for the Bowflex. So, I took Monday as my rest day. It was funny, I got all pumped up on Sunday about working out and then my balloon fizzled. Also, another thing that happened on Monday: I called Donnie at Fitness Together, and he said I could use their treadmill. So, I had my gym bag and was pumped about going, and before I left to go to FT, I peeked in my gym bag and I didn't have my tennis shoes. I was pissed! I left my sneakers in my truck, which was out at the mechanic being repaired. (I needed a friggin $1000 clutch).

Then on Tuesday, my mom and I started our walk by the house. As we started walking somebody discharged a firearm (3 shots) near our house. So, we walked about a 1/3 of a mile and decided it would be best to get in the house. Then in the afternoon, I had a 3:00pm workout scheduled with Donnie at Fitness Together. I got so busy at work that I could make it. Also, I was working out in the field and didn't have Donnie's number programmed in my phone. I felt bad because Donnie always calls me if there's a schedule change. I'm sorry Donnie. So I skipped on working out on Tuesday.

Now, this morning: we got our walk in. We did 1.25 miles. It felt good. The only thing that really sucks is holding my pistol in my pocket while I walk. The moron from yesterday scared me to the point of carrying my 9mm while on my walk. My shorts are already so loose that I have to hold them up. Now I have to keep my gun gripped in my pocket or I would be walking in my underwear. I would be comfortable but my neighbors wouldn't be. ;)

I'll see if I can workout with Donnie this afternoon. Or, maybe my cables will come in. However, I want to stay away from Andy's office for a couple of days. They have some virus spreading in their office. It might be the flu.

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  1. Although we give our "all" everyday towards our fitness goals, that amount is going to be different each day. I upped my walking mileage today and yesterday and really went too far. I jumped from 1 1/2 miles at a time to over 3 miles. I came home afterwards and literally collapsed on my bed. I HAVE to scale back tomorrow to 1 & 1/2 or 2 miles max. Doubling my miles in one day wasn't very smart!

    I am sitting here trying not to feel defeated or like a weakling because I have to scale back. We do what we can do each day and week and progress has to be in small chunks!

    Anyway, good work! And I LOVE Halloween so I hope they let you take pics! XOX

  2. Hi Stephen, you don't know me but I've been reading your blog for some time and am totally impressed with how much you have progressed. Keep up the good work.

    However I have a "dumb" question. Coming from a country where walking around with loaded pistols is totally against the law, I'm wondering what is the purpose of walking around with one? If confronted with someone else with a gun (say they are a bit whacked out - someone with a violent tendancy) what would you do? Aren't you just asking for trouble by being showing that type of defense? I'm sorry if I'm asking a dumb question, just trying to understand the concept behind walking around with one.

  3. First, I do have a permit to conceal a handgun in Alabama.

    I keep the pistol in my pocket where it is not visible. In Alabama, handguns must be concealed. No one knows that I have it in my pocket. So, I don't feel that I'm asking for trouble. Honestly, the pistol is more for peace-of-mind. I feel that at least I have some form of protection. -- I've never had to show the pistol.

    I would like to know the logic why folks in my neighborhood step outside and shoot off some rounds. It's pretty darn scary to be walking and then hear gun shots. I really believe it's kids. The police can't do anything unless they see who did the shooting or if someone witnessed the shooter. We know this because we've called them out a couple of times.

    Finally, I really pray that I never have to use the pistol for self defense.

  4. A suggestion for you that's helped me a lot: I bought a pair of reebok basketball shorts from CasualMale, that were big enough to go over the stomach instead of under. They are great for walking because even with the weight loss, the tie string OVER the stomach will always be able to shrink down and not have to get new shorts!

  5. Sounds like you live in a mildly scary neighborhood. It's crappy when you have to carry a gun to feel safe.

    Glad to hear you're going to Talledega for Halloween. I hope you'll be able to post some pics!

    Oh, and mechanics are douchebags. $1000? Really? Ridiculous, man.

  6. I just started reading your blog a week ago. Just have to say the bit about the 9mm was the most surprising thing I have ever read in one of these blogs.
    Good luck with the exercise and try not miss your days. Have spare shoes and walk in the rain.

  7. Oh wow, the thing that really screamed out to me was the gun shot paragraph in this post.

    I'm so sorry you feel that kind of fear, I know that kind of fear. I hope your anxiety calms soon hon, and keep on keepin on, you're doing great!